Dawn of a new day…

 - by emaroo

I couldn’t wait to go to bed last night so that I could have a “do-over” on yesterday.  I woke up sick (again) so I called for a sub at work.  I thought I would have a nice day to just sleep and rest and get rid of this crud I have been suffering from.  Then Jack woke up with some of the scariest diarrhea I have ever seen so i kept him home with me.  Luckily he was in a pretty good mood most of the day.  Around 10am I wanted to get out of the house (knowing I was pressing my luck with Jack and the possibility of an explosion in public…but thankfully for cloth diapers, it stays very well contained!) so we went to Target.  As I was walking in to Target my phone rings…it is my mom.  She tells me that my Great Uncle Jimmy died in his sleep of a heart attack Tuesday night.  That hit hard, but knowing that he went in his sleep and that he had lived a great life really helped.  His 2nd great-grandbaby is being born as I type.  His service is tomorrow and there is just no way I can go with all that is going on right now.  My mom, sister and cousin are going, though.

Anyway…so after Jack NOT napping all afternoon I needed to run to the drugstore.  On the way home I was driving down Coit road approaching Arapaho and turned around for just a second to hand something to Jack.  When I turned back around the car in front of me was stopped and I wasn’t!  So, I smashed into the back of her.  Luckily, I could not have hit a nicer lady!!  When she saw I had a kid in the car she immediatly ran over to make sure he was ok.  Her first thought (and mine too, of course) was on Jack…and I am so grateful for that.  She was so sweet about it and said she had a two year old at home too…so she gets the distractions.  She even called me later that night to make sure we were ok.  We ARE all ok.  Jack was pretty scared at first, but calmed down.  I am sore today in my neck and shoulders…but that’s what Alan is for!! haha.  He has really gotten good at the back rubs!

I was able to drive home but my poor car looks pretty bad.  Praise God for insurance!  It is all fixable.

Jack was still not well this morning so Alan stayed home with him allowing me to get back to work.  So far…it has been a pretty good day!!

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