Month: September 2008

Let’s remedy this situation…

 - by emaroo

Ok, September is not lost!  Jack was being a little pill this afternoon…but even a little pill can make me laugh.  I snapped this of him trying to do a hand stand.  I think it is very good yoga posture!

Where did September go?

 - by emaroo

That is what my son will ask when he realizes that I have not taken a single picture of him this whole month (other than the pox pics from the first couple of days of the month).  We have been a bit distracted this month…with work, school, Jack changing childcare providers etc.  Everything is going well…just crazy!

This weekend Alan is taking me to our usual anniversary vacation spot…Austin.  We don’t have a lot of plans set yet.  Alan knows that I always want to do my usual shopping on South Congress and finding the 2nd best breakfast tacos in Austin now that Las Manitas closed.  We are also going to get to spend some time with our buds, Chip and Erin. 

This will also be the first weekend that we have left Jack overnight.  I know, I know…we are insane, protective, controlling parents…whatever!  haha!  He is going to be spending the night at our house with my sister and then split his days between Alan’s parents and my sister.  He will be in great hands.  I will miss him like crazy, though!!!

I mentioned that he changed child care providers…well, that is only temporary.  His usual sitter, Amba, is having her baby girl today!!!  I cannot wait to meet sweet little Juniper!!  Amba is taking 5 weeks off and then Jack will be back with her.  However, I could not be happier with the pre-school we found.  He is such an adaptable child and has transitioned beautifully into his class.  The teachers just rave about how happy and social he is.  I am just beaming with pride!! 

I will make sure to take plenty of pics on our trip to Austin this weekend. 

I miss my husband!

 - by emaroo

Poor Alan is having to work super late these days becuase of a huge project at work.  Tonight will be another late night, so he says.  Saturday he will be at the choir retreat all day and that night at the TCU/SMU football game.  I am not complaining at all…he does so much for our family that I wouldn’t dare complain…but I do miss him!

Last night and this morning was like when we were first married.  I went to bed before he got home and left to a groggy half-awake kiss.

Thankfully tomorrow will be kind of a blow off day here at school.  It is Homecoming and in an effort to limit the number of days with distractions not only do we get out at 1pm for our Homecoming parade but we are also doing a bus evacuation drill and a fire drill all in one day.  Other than the cow bells and glitter everywhere tomorrow…it should be a laid back day.  Good thing…I am beat this week!!

Sat. morning I get to go see my sister’s new place and help pick out paint colors! FUN!  I love me some paint!  I will also try and get a pic of her gorgeous engagement ring!!!  yay! 


Roseola or pox?

 - by emaroo

I am starting to believe that Jack never had chicken pox.  Instead I believe he had a common childhood disease called Roseola.  His symptoms are exactly what I have read on several websites.  Today he broke out in this rash covering most of his body.  It looks very different than the little spots he had earlier in the week.  So, there is a chance that he had both.  He did have very definite pimple looking spots that are classic CP but only a few.  The rash on his trunk is getting much worse…but luckily it isn’t supposed to bother him.

This is what happens when I stay home from work…I start getting curious about everything!  haha!

This is not the first time that a doctor was wrong but Dr. Mom was right.  I have to give the credit to all my Dr. Mom friends, though.  They are the first ones to see the pics and suggest the Roseola.

So, in a way I am dissapointed that we may not have kicked CP’s butt this time…but we may have.  I just know that I have lived my whole life not knowing for sure if I have had it and I am now ticked that we don’t know for sure with Jack.  Frankly this rash is exactly what has been described to me as the type of rash I had that the doctor diagnosed as CP…so I STILL don’t know if I am immune!

Click on the pic itself to enlarge it to see the rash better.

I am seeing spots!

 - by emaroo

If you look very carefully at his belly…he is now covered in tiny spots.  From what my mom tells me…this is exactly the way mine looked when I got them.

The strangest things take me back…

 - by emaroo

I am home with Jack today as he continues to recover.  He is MUCH better but because of the risks on Amba’s unborn baby, we are keeping him home the rest of the week.

Anyway, I went in the kitchen just now to eat some breakfast and popped a bran muffin in the microwave.  When I took it out of the microwave and smelled it, I had the strangest flashback.  When I was a kid and would spend the night at my grandmother’s house she would almost always give me a bran muffin and fresh squeazed orange juice for breakfast.  This smelled just like the muffins she gave me.  I am not much of an OJ drinker these days but I had to have a glass right then. 

I was suddenly overcome with memories of my crazy grandmother.  She and I had a “thing” for classic, 50′s B&W movies.  Betty Davies movies were my favorite.  We would rent 3 in a night and then curl up together in her huge bed and watch them.  Sometimes I would fall asleep and sleep in her bed.   Usually I would try to go get in my own bed because she woke up very early and, due to her hearing problem, she would BLARE CNN in her TV in her bedroom as she got dressed.  But I still remember waking up to see her sitting at her vanity putting on her makeup and curling her hair.   Then we would get up and go heat up our bran muffins.


It is amazing the things that make us remember those we love…and miss. 

Spoke too soon…

 - by emaroo

Poor Jack has been miserable.  His fever just won’t go away but he hadn’t been showing many spots until I left for work this morning.  He had a fever of 103.6 and when I looked at him in the light…the spots were starting to get bad.  I really thought we had gotten through the worst of it.  Nope…no such luck. 

Alan is home with him today.  Seeing as his sitter is 4 weeks from delivering a baby and the fatality rate for a newborn with CP is like 25%…we decided not to risk anything!  She has already been exposed since she kept him last week but she has had it before…although that is not a 100% immunity.  I am sure she is fine…(please Lord!).

I have gotten many questions about whether Jack got the CP vaccine and the answer is no.  For personal and health reasons we chose to opt out of that one knowing full well that he would get CP.  Alan and I felt that the dangers from the vaccine and possibly getting a mutated version of CP later in life were far more serious than if he were to get the disease like we all did as kids and as a result have a much stronger immunity for life.   

Love you Jack!!  Kisses!!