There’s a twister a coming!

 - by emaroo

Living in Texas, we get our fair share of stormy weather and on occasion a real thrill ride too!  Last week we felt the effects of Tropical Storm Hermine and had a day of heavy, heavy rain.  Our yard, front and back, flooded – it was a mess. 


Luckily, Alan came home early that day and we went to pick him up from the train station during one of the few and short breaks in the rain that day.  We are sooo glad he came home when he did because not long after that we started hearing tornado sirens go off.  We quickly clicked on the local news and saw a tornado touch down VERY close to both my mother’s and sister’s houses not to mention Alan’s work.  As we thought the crisis had been averted we were told that the storm and subsequent funnel clouds were moving up the Tollway and right for US!  If you know our house, you know how small it is – we really don’t have any interior walls or rooms without windows so our only option for taking cover in a storm like this is a small coat closet that is usually jammed packed with clothes and other items.  I KNOW I am overly paranoid about tornadoes but at the first sign of danger I go straight to the closet and take everything out so we can run in in a moment’s notice.  Jack, Colin, me, along with Doggie and Duckie took shelter in the hallway with our flashlight and scanner while Daddy watched the news.  We were ready to take cover!  Thankfully the storm passed us by leaving us unharmed but Jack still thought this was the adventure of a lifetime! 


Behind them you will also notice the diaper bag that contained not only diapers but also my external hard-drive and camera.  No tornado is about to take away years of work and memories! 

After the storm had passed and the sun peeked through for the first time that day we went hunting for rainbows and to survey the “destruction” as Jack called it. 






And of course, to splash in some rain puddles!



Thank you Lord for always watching over us and keeping us safe from any storm we may find!  You are our protector and guide!

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