Slow and steady – right?

 - by emaroo

I just keep telling myself – slow and steady wins the race!  I have just logged my weight for my 5th week doing Weight Watchers.  I am down 6.8 pounds.  That’s almost 1.4 pounds a week.  I am choosing to be very happy with that.  Of course, Miss Impatient would LOVE for all the weight to melt off over night and wear cute and sassy clothes – but the likelihood of it all coming back is pretty high.  So, I am choosing to be happy with 1.4 pounds per week.

Back when I was going to WW meetings I once made a grumbling about “only” losing 1 lb one week which prompted the leader to bring in a jar with 1 pound of fat in it the next week.  I have never complained about “only” losing 1 lb again.  That was truly disturbing. 

High points of the last five weeks have included getting back into many of my pre-Jack clothes and NOT looking like a stuffed sausage!  Also, I have had lots more energy and have felt pretty darn good.

Low points have been when I let my blood sugar get too low (usually when I am dealing with needy children and forget to eat) and have given in to temptation and eaten something I shouldn’t.  However, again, the greatness of WW is that the wagon is just an arms reach away to hop back onto!  One of those 5 weeks I logged a .2lb gain but quickly got rid of that and dropped a little more.

This is a marathon – a very long one – but one that will be so worth it. 

Oh, and I am 3 pounds from my first personal goal – getting that BLASTED baby weight off!!  It took me nine months with Jack and will have taken more than 15 with Colin but the important thing is that I lose it for good!!  I cannot wait to log that weight when it happens!  I can taste it!

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