Month: May 2009

Doing my part

 - by emaroo

I have recently learned about a marketing campaign that big disposable diaper companies are starting to try and keep their customers as they are starting to feel the impingement of cloth diapers on their business!  They are mailing out free samples and hyping their “environmental friendly” qualities.  I am sorry, but adding a little aloe and using organic cotton on a plastic diaper makes it no more “environmentally friendly” than a styrofoam cup.  It will still sit in a landfill for an eternity.  That says nothing about the cost.  Because of all of the buzz around all things “green” and “organic” these companies are also sure to charge a pretty penny for these diapers. 

Just about anyone that knows me knows my total obsession and love of cloth diapers.  I make no bones about it…they are the best things since sliced bread.  Starting at 3 days old Colin was in his first cloth diaper and I don’t see another chemically laden, smelly, disposable diaper touching his sweet skin every again.  I have preached about the cost, the environmental factors, the ease and not to mention the down right cuteness of them to anyone that cares to listen.  I am proud of the number of converts I can claim as well!  Once people try it…they get it.  It is just the right choice! 

Now, having said all of that, it is all a personal choice.  This is my blog, so I can be as “blunt” as I choose; however, I don’t judge anyone for the personal choices they make for their children.  We all do the best we can with what we have but we also have a duty to all moms to share great ideas when we come across them!

Below is a link to an article that I read recently that speaks to the rise of cloth diapers in the current “economic climate” (more buzz words…gotta love ‘em!)

Catching up!

 - by emaroo

So sorry, longwinded blog, for neglecting you; things have been a little crazy in Casa de Melson lately!  If you need to catch up on any of that click on the “Baby Blog” link on the right. 

Our sweet Colin Gabriel was born Saturday May 16th here at home!  My labor was fast and furious (once I finally admitted that it was actually the real thing!) but God’s timing was PERFECT and our sweet boy was placed into my arms at 4:59pm (only 24 minutes after my midwife arrived and and 19 minutes after she told me I was 7 CM dilated!) 

We have been settling in wonderfully these last 2 weeks.  Thankfully Alan has been home from work the whole time and has been such a tremendous help with Jack and middle of the night diaper changes (as well as cooking , cleaning, filling my water jug and reminding me to brush my teeth).  I am not looking forward to him going back to work on Monday (and neither is he).  I guess life for me officially begins as a ‘stay at home mom’ on Monday.  I honestly never thought I would say that.  I still don’t see myself in that role as much as I am excited about being able to see Colin grow and learn everyday and watch Jack continue to become the smart, rambunctious and loving tot he is shaping up to be. 

Speaking of Jack, he is SO very much in love with his baby brother.  He introduces him to our guests and loves to kiss him on his little head several times a day.  He is certainly still learning to find his groove as a sibling and not the only child in our family, but I think that will happen quickly. 

Nursing is going very well, I am pleased to report!  He eats like a champ and Monday we will find out how much he has grown in the last two weeks as we have our first visit with the pedi.  There are signs that I have developed a yeast infection in my breasts again (you may remember the horrible case I had with Jack…we won’t go there), but since I caught it at a week and a half I am confident that I can rid both me and Colin of it and not have the same issues nursing that I had with Jack.  There were a whole other set of problems I had nursing Jack and I am still devastated that everything ended the way it did but this time I know so much more and have a much better support system of nursing moms that I can go to if I need advice, support, encouragement or a kick in the butt to keep it up (thanks DAM!)  Colin already nurses better than Jack did at 4 months…so I am pretty confident that things will continue along that course!

Colin is also sleeping like a boy that loves his Mama!  I usually nurse him around 10 or 11 and he will often sleep until 3 or 4am and then again until about 8am.  My only problem is that I need to start going to sleep at the same time I put him down.  Regardless, having a couple decent stretches of sleep have made life much better for me (and likely everyone else that has to deal with me!)

I can’t help but close with some pics of my boys.  Here is Colin at 6 days old.  Precious, precious baby!


Then the other end of the spectrum is wild and crazy Jack!  He has become almost obsessed with Mommy’s hair accessories and told me the other day that he “loves clips” after watching me put one in my hair.  I sense some mild torture with this pic in about 15 years!


I love both of my sweet (and often nutty) boys!