Month: July 2008

Trip Wrap up…pic heavy!

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Almost as soon as we got home we learned of Jake’s birth, so I haven’t thought much about posting about the rest of our trip.

Our last night in Jacksonville Jessica called a sitter to watch the kids so we could enjoy a dinner sans kiddos. I have to say that this girl has the highest pitched voice of anyone I have ever heard. Squeaky voice aside, she seemed to do a great job with the kids. We went to a neighborhood in Jacksonville called Five Points. There were some really funky shops and restaurants. Best part was I actually found a new favorite drink! If you know anything about me at all…you know of my love of tequila, especially in a great margarita. My second favorite drink is a mojito. Well, where we went there was a Mexican mojito with tequila and cilantro instead of rum and mint. Oh my goodness…greatness! We WILL be making that drink at home!

Here we are enjoying our lovely evening out with Jessica and Robert.

The next morning we were up early for the next leg of our trip. It was hard to say goodbye. I don’t know if I have really told Jessica this…but I feel such a kinship with her. She and I are alike in many ways and we share a lot of passions and beliefs about raising kids etc. In other words…she can be as weird as I am! haha! More than that, she is just so kind and welcoming. I am sad that they are so far away, but know that she will just be a draw to get us to see other parts of the country. I know Alan will be up for a trip to NC next year after they move!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jessica and Robert for opening up your home to us and letting my kid rum amok with yours!

On the way to Tampa I started to see signs for the Daytona Motor Speedway. It is a little known fact that I am a huge NASCAR fan. I try not to share such things about myself on first encounters as I am afraid of scaring people off! haha! Anyway…how could I be that close and not at least stop? Alan made me swear that he would not be in a single picture…so I made him the photographer.

This is Jack begging to get in to hear the roar of the engines!

We decided to make another stop on the way to Tampa to walk around “Downtown Disney” next to Disney World. This was our way of seeing just enough Disney without making us want to puke. Jack wouldn’t have cared about Disney World anyhow at this age…but it was fun to just walk around for free. We did buy Jack a Pooh Bear. While we were there we did see the coolest thing ever…Lego heaven, as I call it. It was a huge lego store with a million things made out of legos. Being the sculptor that I am…it was pretty darn cool!

Wall of legos

This was a whole Lego family and Lego T-Rex

We had dinner that night with Alan’s Aunt Carolyn and cousin Kimberly at a restaurant overlooking Tampa Bay. Jack could not get enough of her loving and tickles. He cried so much when she had to go…

The next morning we left for Destin. We ate at a restaurant overlooking the beautiful blue Gulf of Mexico. I haven’t seen water that blue since we were in Mexico on our honeymoon.

The next day…Jack and Mommy were done with this traveling business…but we had our longest drive ahead yet, all the way back to Shreveport.

After a good rest at Granmom and Pawpaw’s we were able to visit with Alan’s cousins, Steve and Angie, and Jack got to play with their kids, Grace and Graham. However, trying to take a picture of a 4, 6 and 1 1/2 year old is never easy!

We are glad to be home…I just need another vacation at home to recover!

Pics of Baby Jake

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Introducing sweet baby Jake.  He weighed 4lbs 8oz at birth and was 17 inches long.  Mommy has been able to hold him already and he quieted down as soon as he was in Mommy’s arms.

Daddy and Jake

Jacob Robert

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Please pray with all your might for Jake tonight.  He was born around 11:45 eastern time.  They all seem very hopeful.  We have all put Jake and Laurie in God’s hands and know that He will be the ultimate healer.  I will post more info when I have it. 

Beaches man…

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We had some fun beach time yesterday and today here in Jacksonville with our fun friends, the Fergusons.  Jack wasn’t so much a fan of the water. Lydia and Miles are old pros, though.  I think the waves scared him but he tried really hard to be brave and get close to the ocean.  As soon as the wave would come in he would turn and run the other way saying “no-no-no-no.”

Enjoy a few pics.  I am kicking myself for not bringing a UV filter…but they came out ok anyway.

The boys weren’t nearly as grumpy as they seem here.

Jack ended up with the cutest sun kissed face.

Something Smells Fishy

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The Melson fam made it to Mobile, AL last night.  The first thing Alan wanted to do was hunt down some fresh seafood.  After a couple of failed attempts due to long waits we ended up at Ed’s Seafood Shed.  Alan ordered grilled whitefish stuffed with crab meat, and said it was simply decadent.  Jack was treated to some popcorn shrimp.  However, being the son of a vegetarian he was far more interested in my okra than the shrimp.  We finished the evening on the deck overlooking Mobile Bay.

This morning we quickly ate breakfast at the hotel, reloaded the car, hit the road for Jacksonville and arrived just before dinner.  The kids seem to be getting along well so far! Pictures of our trip are posted below.


A strange sign we saw along the way.  If someone can explain to me what a Baptist Pumpkin Center is…I would appreciate it!

Dancing on the hotel bed

Yummy okra!

Fun after the bath

Room Service here is great!

More of all the kiddos later.  We are headed to the beach in the morning.

Speak to me God!

 - by emaroo

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

I was reading Stacey Smith’s blog this morning (Smith Family Scoop) and as always was blown away by her steadfast faith but this morning I felt this amazing pressure on my heart and had to breathe very deeply to fully take in the power of the above scripture verses together.

I haven’t spoken to a lot of people about how Alan and I are praying for a certain situation in our lives to come to fruition and won’t really here…but the above sentiments are what I have been telling myself almost every night.  I have had an amazing peace knowing that any “struggles” we feel we have are already taken care of and that we are being held in God’s sweet arms.  These are such great affirmations!!  Faith, Hope, Believe, Certain, Prayer.  These are not wishy washy words…these are words of absolute confidence in God’s power!

Cornhole: The Movie

 - by emaroo

A very good and old friend of mine, Kent Bernhard, has produced a movie that he is trying to get some pub about. It sounds like a crazy premise, but anything Kent does is pure genius! So, check out the movie trailer below. Believe it or not…this is a real sport.