Month: January 2009

I will never get used to it…

 - by emaroo

…Texas weather that is.  I was born and raised here but it is January 9th, people, and today’s high was 78* and when we wake up in the morning it will be 36*.  We have all fought the crud as a result of the yo-yo-ing temps.  I always try to make the best out of it – so today we enjoyed the spring like temps and had a much needed and very refreshing afternoon in the yard.  My dad, also one to try to find the good in things, would say “days like this are why we live in Texas.”  It was beautiful mind you…but it is the frequent shifts that is making us all sick. As Alan likes to say “enjoy it while it lasts”.  So we did!

Here are some pics of my goof ball son enjoying the warmth.

NYE for 2…

 - by emaroo

Alan and I decided to take it easy and stay in tonight.  I insisted that we have our own little party for which Alan later thanked me (even if at the time he thought it was silly).  So, after cleaning out the olive bar at the grocery store, I set out our own little party for 2.  Have a wonderful 2009!

And yes…that is APPLE cider, organic no less.