Month: April 2010

I will never take for granted…

 - by emaroo

…the blessing of my two boys and all it took to get them here.   Sometimes I hate it when God puts life into perspective because it often is the result of someone else’s pain and suffering.  I am just being honest.  It’s hard to see someone I care about hurt when I am so blessed. 

Lord, thank you, not only for my two beautiful boys but for the 10 agonizing months it took to get pregnant with Jack, for every ache and pain during pregnancy, every sleepless night, every trip to the chiropractor, each swollen ankle, the colds that I endured because I couldn’t take cold medicine.  Thank you for the mood swings and weight gain. Thank you for Jack’s 34 hours of labor and safe birth and for the excruciating but rewarding pain of Colin’s drug free birth.   Thank you for blessing me with YOUR children.  If I ever seem ungrateful or unaware of my blessings, please forgive me. 

I will never claim to understand why other women – amazing, loving, kind, Godly women - aren’t so blessed.  I know their path is different so all I can do is pray.  I pray that they will be granted all the aches and pains and swollen ankles of a full term pregnancy and the rewarding and exhilarating pain of birthing a healthy baby. 

I may never understand, but I will never take my blessings for granted.  Amen.

You know you’re a Texan when…

 - by emaroo

“Bluebonnets – it’s that time of year in TX where we drag our kids to fire ant infested fields of bluebonnets, expect them to sit nicely for pictures and try to convince them it is fun.” – quote from Allison, the sweet mom behind House Full of Munchkins.  It’s so true – but so worth it! 

These little blue beauties only last a couple of weeks here in Texas, but moms and photographers like me wait all year for them to peek their little petals out of the ground so we can start tossing our kids in them to snap the perfect picture.





Blogging for Breast Cancer

 - by emaroo

We all know of someone – or, we all know someone that knows someone who has had breast cancer. It’s devastating, it’s horrific, it’s painful to watch – and even more painful to live through.  Yet, it’s so incredibly inspiring and AWEsome to see someone come out on the other side, alive and victorious.

I am dedicating today’s blog post to all those women that have suffered, come out victorious or have, sadly, died. I am dedicating this post to the families that have walked, cried, suffered or even rejoiced alongside a loved one battling breast cancer.

Today I am asking for your help. I have a friend and fellow photographer, Jackie Reitz, who is dedicating herself for the second year in a row to walk the Komen 3-Day for the Cure. It is a 60-mile walk spanning, you guessed it, 3 days. She has had the ingenious idea to challenge fellow bloggers to help her in her fundraising efforts. I want to take that challenge! Yes, folks – I am asking for money. Not for me, not for Jackie, but for research. If you feel inclined, donate just $10 on the 3-Day site at All donations are 100% tax deductible.

I have never participated in the 3-Day, but truly am inspired to do so soon because of dedicated people like Jackie. Please donate to her cause – boobies everywhere are depending on it!

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Sweet little ‘O’

 - by emaroo

or Oliver – but as often as his Mommy and I text back and forth during the day about him, he has become ‘O’.  Anyway, I have the pleasure of keeping sweet little ‘O’ for the next two months until his mom, Kari, is finished teaching for the year.  She is a wonderful friend that I met back in my hellish days of teaching middle school.  My two boys have taken to him like he is their new brother – it is so precious!  You’d think Colin would be the one to get jealous seeing as he is getting a ton tad less attention than usual but he isn’t!  Colin just lights up when he sees his new brother (from another mother).

We just finished our first week and all in all – it went well.  I am horribly a little tired after having three kids all week, but will adjust quickly.


Colin didn’t take long to become acquainted.  He’s like a dog – he just had to sniff him a little and then they’re old friends. Also, as you all know by now – in the Melson house we don’t care for pants so O entered that brotherhood very quickly!  Diapers all the way!


Then they shared a nice chat during a morning stroll while big brother Jack was at preschool.


He likes us already! 


Day two brought Jack and Colin’s first brotherly fight!  I swear they were fighting over who got to push O in the swing!  Above you see where Colin was pushing him when Jack barged in and took over.  Colin was none-to-pleased and started yelling and grabbing at Jack to get him to move.  It was a sight!  In my haste to document this momentous occasion I failed to set my camera correctly.  Typically I refuse to post a pic that is even close to a bad exposure but today you get to see inside my panty drawer  – so to speak.  It is worth it!


The fight soon ended and Jack gazed lovingly at sweet O.  Colin just tried to scoot back over to push him again.


I said earlier that Colin was lacking a little attenti0n – well, I meant it.  He spends his days rolling, scooting and inching along the floor to play with whatever he can find.  Here he has found the ever exciting cardboard box!  One that has already been augmented to serve as a carwash for all of Jack’s race cars. 


Colin looks no worse for wear.


“Hey Mommy, what happens when I…?”


Jack loves his role as comedian to all the babies.  There ain’t nothing like making a baby laugh!


“Can you hear me????”


We love you, Sweet little O.  Can’t wait to play with you again next week!

A giving heart

 - by emaroo

Over the last few months we have tried to teach Jack lessons in giving and having concern for other kids (because he can relate to that) that don’t have all of the things he has.  Recently he filled a giant plastic bin full of toys to give away to kids who don’t have toys.  He did this with little prompting and frankly gave away toys that he LOVED, shocking Alan and I. 

We are trying to teach him these lessons at a time NOT tied to a major gift giving event so that he will understand that this is an everyday attitude and not a once or twice a year event. 

When he plays with Colin – or this week little Oliver – he is always finding toys for them to play with or helping me to entertain them while I get a bottle etc.  He really does have the heart of a servant.  He plans out way to please people and it is just adorable. 

However, he is still three and still LOVES to get new toys.  It is a battle when we walk into Target or elsewhere to explain to him why he can’t have the latest and greatest toy he sees.  I know grandparents don’t have the will power Mommy and Daddy do so he is not always told no when we aren’t around - but hopefully we remind him enough that it will sink in.

Tonight we had another conversation about not needing new things and giving instead of receiving.  It really seemed to click and when I asked him how he would feel if he woke up with no toys, he got very serious and agreed that no kid should have to feel that sadness.

Fast forward to bedtime when I asked Jack to say his nighttime prayers.  You should know that Jack has been suffering from a horrible allergy attack that has manifested itself into a wicked rash all over his body.  This is how it went:

“Lord, please take my rash away – far, far away to a kid that doesn’t have a rash.  Amen.”

We’re getting there.  Regardless of the level of understanding, thank you Lord for Jack’s precious, giving heart.


Music to a mama’s ears

 - by emaroo

This morning I set Colin in front of the little red piano and he started banging and squealing away!




Do you think he likes it?


I think so!

Not to be outdone, Jack ran over to the big piano and started playing too.  After a few minutes he said “Mommy, listen to my new song.  It’s called ‘Glory to – no, I mean, Praise the Lord to Jesus’. 


It was indeed a beautiful song that he was very passionate about. 

When he was finished he turned to me with a very straight face and said, “My concert is over now.”

Praise the Lord to Jesus Indeed!