Month: December 2009

Santa Party!

 - by emaroo

The last two years our friends, the Drapers, have hosted a party at their house and so far both years, Santa has gotten the memo and been nice enough to pay us a visit!  It is MUCH better than waiting in line for hours only have have your kids throw a fit and flip out over sitting on Santa’s lap.  This way, they are just playing with their friends and if they don’t want to see Santa – well, they still don’t have a choice- but just for a second so Mommy can take a picture!!  This year was a little better than last as Jack would actually go near Santa but still didn’t want much to do with sitting on him lap.


Jack with Santa, 2008


“I know you, you’re Jack!”

This year Jack was SOOOOO excited to tell Santa EVERYTHING he wanted for Christmas that the instant he walked in the door Jack said “SANTA – I want you to bring me…..” and rattled off everything he could think of at the moment.  Then Jack wanted to go back upstairs and play.  That’s my boy!  Get down to business and move on!


Jack is still not digging the whole Santa thing.


Finally a side hug!


All the brave big kids!


One more hug for the road!  Safe travels, Santa!!

Mission Accomplished!

 - by emaroo

Well, it looks like I was right – Colin was just hungry!  I took him in for a weight check this morning and he had outgained both my and Alan’s predictions.  At 6 months Colin weighed 14lbs 7.8oz and was in the 5th percentile and today at 7 months he weighed 17lbs 3.2oz and is in the 23rd percentile!  He gained 2 1/2 lbs!!  I knew by looking at him that he had beefed up.  There are now the most adorable and edible fat rolls on his thighs and for the first time ever he has a scrumptious double chin! 

I have had to adjust his one size diapers to the ‘medium’ setting too!  I know this sounds crazy, but I was convinced he was going to be in the smalls forever! 

I KNOW percentiles aren’t everything.  I always hear, “look at the baby, not the number” and I totally agree but my gut was also telling me to be concerned.  I *thought* I had a happy, talkative, alert, active baby until I started feeding him more and now I have a SUPER happy, talkative, alert, happy baby!  He just woke up! 

Thank you LORD for helping me to have an understanding heart about all of this and not see myself as a failure but instead be proactive and excited to watch my baby grow, whether it by with my milk or not.  Sure I miss it – I dearly miss the warm morning snuggles skin to skin and having moments with him that no one on earth could have but I had six (almost seven) glorious months. 

Next step is working on the solid foods again.  I am beginning to think Colin is just going to be a soft table food kind of baby and might skip “baby” food all together.  We will see.  He just doesn’t seem interested in being spoon fed.  That certainly will take a few steps out of the baby food prep process!

Just call me Scrooge…

 - by emaroo

…’cause I don’t mind it a bit!  I have been reading on various blogs, Mom boards etc. what people are getting for their kids for Christmas and I am floored!  Most have a list a mile long!  Really?  I must be a total scrooge because so far our rule has been *1* Santa gift and *1* gift from Mommy and Daddy.  This year we added a *small* (like under $20 – lower if possible) gift for the boys to give each other and a few stocking stuffers.  That is IT!  I know they will get gifts from grandparents and other family so why on earth would I spend a fortune on them?  Besides that – what am I teaching my kids if I did? 

A couple of weeks ago Jack came home from going to look at a train exhibit at the mall with Papa and Juju and he was going ON AND ON about a GIANT Lightning McQueen that he saw that he just KNEW Santa ws going to bring him.  Well, “Santa” had already done her – um, his shopping back when he HAD to have a guitar.  Santa got him a VERY cool and real guitar – no way was Santa going to now go buy a GIANT Lightning McQueen car too.  I told this story to my cousin and she said “well, hopefully his grandparents will get it”.  Argh – no thanks!!  Yes, I want my children to be happy – but presents and toys are NOT the way I teach them to be happy.  They will find happiness in the fact that God sent His only son to live and die so that we may be saved and have eternal life in Heaven.  That is happiness!!  That is why we celebrate Christmas!

Sure – sticking to this 1 gift rule is easier when we have young kids and  have no choice due to our limited budget, but I really don’t see venturing far from that in the future.  However, I did hear about what one mom does with her kids and really liked the idea.  She gives her kids three gifts – just as the wise men brought to Jesus.  One of them is a luxury gift (gold), one of them is a practical gift (myrrh) and one of them is a spiritual gift (frankincense).  I really like this idea.  No one says the Santa gift can’t be the “gold”, helping to stick to the limited number of presents.

Today Jack saw the stack of gifts that I have been staring at needing to wrap and he asked who all of the presents were for.  Knowing full well that he is likely to go tell all of these people now what they are getting, I went ahead and told him.  I took it as a chance to get him excited about giving gifts to others.  He asked a few times where his presents were and I assured him that he would NOT be left out of the gift giving. 

So Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug – whatever you want to say!  If anyone is actually reading this; what is your take on gifts at Christmas?

Just when I think it’s over…

 - by emaroo

So this morning was the first morning since Colin was born that I didn’t nurse him.  There didn’t seem to be a drop in there so I just gave him a bottle and cried.  Mornings were all I had left – but we were in a hurry, I was stressed – yadda, yadda, yadda.

The formula has been making him really constipated so when we got home from taking Jack to preschool and he got that “look” and started doing his red faced, scrunchy cry – I knew we were in for some work.  Trying to get him to relax I tried walking around with him, swaying, rubbing his tummy, giving him pear juice – nothing worked.  Then, as I sat on the couch feeling like there was nothing I could do to comfort my boy he turned into my breast and started clawing at my shirt.  So we cozied up on the couch and nursed.  He instantly calmed down, closed his eyes and POOPED!  Hey, whatever it takes!   I am not sure how much milk he got because I only heard a few swallows but he felt comforted and loved (and relieved) - that’s what’s important.

Oh, goodness – where are the tissues?

I just have to post this picture that Alan took the other day.  It was one of the last times I nursed Colin to sleep – or possibly any baby for that matter.  It is a very modest picture but I put it after the jump (click “More”) so if you don’t want to see it you don’t have to click.   It just makes my heart swell. 

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They’re coming home!

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Many of you know about the adoption journey of my dearest friends, The Roots.  Well, today we are one step closer to having their new babies home!  They passed court this morning!  Next step is going to get them.  Here are their pictures that I have been dying to share!

Introducing Bekeh and Caleb Root!




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