Month: February 2010

A love like this…

 - by emaroo

…must be true!  We often joke about how much Jack and Olivia love each other – but they really DO!  I mean, somewhere in their little 3 year old hearts they understand love in a way most of us don’t.  They don’t know why they love or even “how” to love – they just LOVE.  It is so precious to see such a pure example of how God loves us.  He loves us without hesitation or judgement – He just LOVES us! 

This isn’t a new found love either – they have loved each other since the day they met 3 years ago – just after Jack’s birth.  In fact summer before last I even caught their first kiss here! haha! 

So precious!


Rock on Jack!

 - by emaroo

Jack’s “Rock Star” 3rd birthday party was originally scheduled for the Saturday after our record snowfall in North Texas and the 40 hour power outage.  Thankfully the weather the next weekend was much more accommodating!  Jack had so much fun with all of his friends and was asking for them all to come back when he woke up the next morning.  If only everyday could be a party, Jack!


Who can have a rock star party without a rock ‘n roll band??  Bruce and his friend Mike donated their time and talents to our little rocker and played for his party!  It was SO much fun!!  I think they will get booked twice a year in the Melson house, for sure!  (yes, they do work for hire!)


TONS of fun was had by all of Jack’s awesome friends that came to play!


How fun was it that Bekeh and Caleb got to join in the fun this year too!  Jack must have thought they were some kind of celebrities because he said several times “Mama – did you know Bekeh and Caleb are HERE??”  And the next morning, “Mama, Bekeh and Caleb came to MY PARTY!!”


When Bruce wasn’t looking all the kiddos took turns beating on his drums too!


Whew, what an awesome time!  Can’t wait to do it all over again in the middle of May!

Crazy Snow!

 - by emaroo

A week ago today us North Texans woke up to several inches of snow on the ground – which by itself was already pretty cool and rare for us.  However, over the next 24 hours a total of almost a foot of snow fell here in the DFW area.  A record for sure!

Thursday after preschool we ventured out to play in the white wonderfulness!



Jack was fascinated with the idea of getting to EAT the snow but Colin wasn’t quite as amused when he had a giant snowball smashed into his face!

Below is a picture of what the trees in our front yard looked like about 10:30pm Thursday night.  I am always amazed at how bright the night sky is with all the snow. 


After getting the boys all tucked in that night Alan and I curled up in front of a fire only to have our power go out about 10 minutes later.  Power wasn’t restored for about 40 hours, but thankfully Alan’s parents live very close and we were able to bunk with them. 


Jack’s “Rockstar” party did have to be postponed due to this whole mess but hopefully we will be able to have just as much fun this Saturday as Jack ROCKS OUT with his buddies!!

I’ve created a monster!

 - by emaroo

If you haven’t noticed – I take a “few” pics of my kids. Problem is – Jack is now convinced that each and every moment of his life is captured on “film”, regardless of whether or not I have a camera in my hand. 

I often get very random requests to see pictures of various events throughout the day that I have simply not captured.  For example, “Mommy, show me the picture where you bonked my head with the car door.” or “Mommy, show me the picture where Colin was crying and I gave him his toy and made him happy again.”  Nope – didn’t happen to take pictures of those momentous occasions – sorry Jack!

Yesterday, Jack and I were having fun with Lincoln Logs and built this fine log cabin.  Being proud of my, er, OUR craftsmanship I took a picture.


Here we have the MONSTER Jack surveying his kingdom.


So today Jack comes running in – again, randomly, to ask: “Mommy, show me the picture where I SMASHED my log cabin!”  Sorry Jack – yet again, I must disappoint you because I did not capture that momentous event in your life. 

I really should take more pictures.  ;)

Because everyone LOVES a good statistic!

 - by emaroo

I took the boys to the pediatrician this morning for Colin’s 9 month and Jack’s 3 year well visit and since I am always being asked for stats, I thought I would share a few.

Jack is 40lbs (96%) and 40″ (88%). So – tall and skinny! Those are his Vanderweide and Carter genes at work!
Colin is 20lbs (40%) and 28 1/4″ (47%). Head is 18 3/4″ (95%!) I guess Colin more than just looks like my dad – he is built just like him too!

Both of my kids must have HUGE brains!! But with parents like us – how can they not?

Both boys checked out great, health wise. We TRIED to get a urine sample for Jack to see if there is some physiological reason he has reverted back to wetting the bed every night after being night trained for 7 months but that was a messy disaster and we only got a tiny bit collected. It was enough to do a strip test but not a culture. So, we will see if they can tell anything from it or not.

Both boy’s ears were clear too!

Praise the Lord for healthy growing boys!!!

Happy Birthday Jackster

 - by emaroo

Ok – a few days late but when the blizzard of the century rolled in and brought with it a 40 hour power outage – this is as good as it gets for now! ;)

There is lots to post about, but no time to do it right now.  Rest assured that snow pictures and birthday party #2 pictures are coming!  Birthday party #1 had to be postponed until next Saturday due to the snow and power outage.  Jack doesn’t know the difference and is still excited about his ‘Rockstar’ party!

How on earth did this:


Turn into this:


in the blink of an eye?