Month: June 2009

Fresh herbs!

 - by emaroo

I really wanted to plant a  vegetable garden this summer and even had the perfect spot in the yard for it.  Problem was, Alan was convinced I would either kill it or he would end up doing all the work.   So, instead of feeling dejected I decided to start small with an herb garden.  We chose Peppermint, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme.  We cooked with the basil last night and it was delish!!  I am going to learn to bake bread for the sole purpose of making rosemary bread!  So far they are thriving!  Our neighbor noticed my meek attempt and offered me a tomato plant.  I hope to get that soon and try to keep it alive too!




Sweet Basil!  Can’t wait to make pesto!!


Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary


And my secret weapon to keep it all alive – my helper, Jack!

At the carwash, yeah!

 - by emaroo

During a MUCH needed reprieve from the oppressive heat we ventured outside yesterday afternoon.  Noticing the crud that had built up on Jack’s Little Tykes car, we decided it needed a bath.  Jack was MORE than happy to take on that task.  Heck, it made us even cooler!


Can’t forget the tires!


Pause for a kiss for Mama!


What happens if I…AHH!


First smiles!!

 - by emaroo

A mother cherishes all of her baby’s firsts, but something about the first smiles are the most heartwarming.  You know they are real because of the glimer in their eyes.   Colin had given us a few peeks at his precious smiles but on his 6 week birthday he was full of them for us (and we finally had a camera to capture them!)




Brothers and Baseball

 - by emaroo

Jack got to go to his first Texas Rangers game on Friday night.  Judy was really sick and I just didn’t want to take Colin out in this miserable heat so it was Alan, Jack and Mark that met Liz and Brian at the ballpark.  Sadly no one ended up having a camera at the game, but I took a couple of pics before the boys headed out.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how grown up my baby looks in this pic!





The very sweet and talented Peggy embroidered shirts for the boys with “Little Brother” and “Big Brother”.  I am still having issues with taking pics of the boys together.  Colin just looks downright pissed here! HAHA!


At the game Aunt Liz bought Jack a kid’s ball and glove set.  Jack got a little frustrated with the glove and getting his fingers in it but had lots fun throwing the ball around.





“Yeah, I’m the Little Brother – what you wanna do about it?”


June snowball fight!

 - by emaroo

Dana and Hunter came over the other day for a bit and brought over this stuff that when mixed with water really does look, clump and feel like real snow!  I was highly skeptical, but this stuff is totally cool.  The boys when out in the yard and had a bonafide snowball fight – in June – in TEXAS!  There are some winters that we don’t even get enough snow to scoop off the ground much less have a snowball fight.  It was lots of fun!!


How Mama gets work done

 - by emaroo

From about 4-8pm is Colin’s “fussy” period everyday. Some days are better than others, but he is just not a happy camper between these times.  As previously stated, Colin is a MUCH different baby than Jack so we have had to figure out new and improved ways of getting through these times everyday.  Jack did not care to be held and wanted to be put down most of the time.  He LOVED his swing when he was a baby – I mean loved it to the point that he would catch a glimpse of it and calm down.  Colin couldn’t care less for it or the bouncer or the activity gym – nothing that Jack liked. 

Luckily I was more prepared with baby wearing devices this time and have finally found a way to get through life and make my sweet boy happy!  Below is my Beco Butterfly.  I love it!  It is super comfy.  Later on it will go to a back carry. 



My most used carrier is my ring sling, though.  I love that it is very compact and can stay in my diaper bag to have on hand at all times.  It is like a magic wand and will zonk Colin right out in it.  This isn’t a very good pic of the sling itself, but I will get one later.  I love this sling and could wear him all day in it!  I actually had to eat dinner to night with him in it.


Now my Moby, as seen below, is wonderfully comfortable and easy to put on and customize to fit just right, but it is just too dang HOT to wear in this horribly miserable heat wave we are having.  Sadly, it has stayed in my trunk for the last several weeks.  Please excuse this pic as well as it was taken about 3 or 4 days after Colin was born and we were all still a bit scraggly. 


Sometimes, a Mama’s gotta do what a Mama’s gotta do!

“Take a picture ‘a me!”

 - by emaroo

As you can imagine, I am taking plenty of pictures of our little Colin these days and wouldn’t  you know it – it just isn’t fair to Jack that I don’t take just as many of him (according to him, at least)!!  Everytime I pull out the camera to take a pic of the baby Jack is right there yelling “take a picture ‘a me!!”  So, I usually oblidge with a quick snapshot.  Jack has begun the phase of the posed fake smile which also cracks me up. 

So, out of pure fairness I give you Jack!






The mural saga

 - by emaroo

Ok, so back in the mid 80′s while working the overnight shift at the University of North Texas in Denton and stopping to eat breakfast at the same ‘ol greasy spoon, Jim’s Diner, every morning when he got off work, my dad was asked if he would mind his likeness be painted on the side of the building as part of a mural.  The mural would depict an old fashioned diner and in each window famous icons; Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, John Wayne, the Cleaver boys and then there was my dad.  You see, you have to understand the history.  My dad came to Denton in the 60′s and became “known”.  I mean EVERYONE knew my dad.  He was an activist, a humanitarian and a general all around loud mouth, for good reason mind you (don’t ever tell him I called him a loud mouth!).  So, to the general public seeing a bearded man amongst these famous icons was strange, but for Denton it was perfectly normal and relatively expected. 

Years went by and less people knew of my dad (to the pleasure of my sister and I who were living there at the time gping to college and didn’t like going out at night and constantly hearing that our dad heard of our every move) and in fact, sadly, the restaurant of my youth, Jim’s Diner eventually closed.  We all were devastated.  It was as if there truly was no where else on earth to get greasy home fries and perfectly fried sunny side up eggs. 

The building, on our beloved Fry Street, (an icon all on it’s own) was later occupied by an Italian restaurant and thankfully they kept the mural on the wall.  A patio was added making it harder to see, but he kept it. 

About 3 years ago a developer bought the land that was Fry Street and had grand plans to tear down historic old buildings (including the building that in the late 70′s once housed Earthware, my parent’s second hand clothing and vintage costume shop where I crawled around as a baby) and put in a Walgreens and a Starbucks.  Oh, so NOT Denton!  There was a HUGE stink, there were protests, there were petitions…but in the end, as always happens, the people with the money won.  Fry Street was torn down.  However, the mural had a glimmer of hope.  The “windows” were sectioned off and auctioned.  The ones of Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Beatles and the Cleaver boys were bought by the greater Denton Arts Council and low and behold my dad’s section was purchased by Gene the barber, also an old time Fry Street occupant.  Gene and my dad were old friends, in fact he was the last man to ever give my dad a haircut! It didn’t get in the way of their friendship, though. 

However, for the last couple of years no one has really known what would become of the sections of the mural.  Would they be re-installed somewhere?  Would they just be put in a storage room never to be seen again?  Recently the three main pieces were installed on the outside of the Greater Denton Arts Council building, but where was my dad?  His friend, Nancy, did some digging and found his section installed elsewhere.  Gene donated my dad’s section to the GDAC and when the moving company delivered it they told them to keep that one section and destroy it seeing as no one knew who this man was.  Granted, they all knew his name (didn’t take much digging in a small town like Denton to learn that)  but in all the newspaper articles etc everyone always assumed he was not able to be found.  The man lives in Denton, people – look in the stinkin’ phone book!  I digress.  So, no one bothered to contact my dad and get more of the story they just ordered the section to be destroyed. 

Even though the owners of the local Denton moving company also didn’t know who on earth this bearded man was they didn’t feel right destroying the section of the mural.  They figured if it was important at one time, it should be preserved.  So, it was installed behind the bar “Dan’s Silverleaf” (I believe I heard the owner of the moving company is a co-owner of the bar). 

So, after three years the mystery of where the mural went is solved, but now comes the greater issue of why on earth would the GDAC be so darned stuck up as to not want to keep the mural together. 

Here are pics that were taken 3 years ago after the sale of the property and just before all the businesses closed and were torn down.  My sister and I wanted to preserve as much of our childhood and our dad’s memories as possible.

dsc01234 dsc01244



Now, the missing piece!



Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a tombstone?