Month: June 2008

Sassy at 16.5 months?

 - by emaroo
This morning when Jack was finished eating his breakfast he started his usual whining to get out of his chair.  In an effort to keep the whining to a minimum I have been telling him “stop crying and tell me what you want.”  It has been working pretty well.  So, I took him out of the highchair and started to take him into the livingroom to watch Seseme Street when he threw himself on the floor in protest and let out a huge scream.  I tried to pick him up and he just flung himself back onto the ground.  I said to him, “Jack, stop crying and tell mom what you want.” He calmed down and pointed to the kitchen.  I asked “do you want to do into the kitchen?” (where he just does laps back and forth on the long rug we have in there and then pushes all the cookbooks off their shelf) and his response was “yah, mom” and he proceeded to march right into the kitchen.
Ok, so where did my 8 lb 10oz sweet little baby go?  Yah, mom?  Is he 14 already?  At least he didn’t have his hand on his hip…like I would have! haha! 


 - by emaroo

Thank you Lord for blessing us with the ability to hope.  No matter how badly things seem…we always hope for something better, easier, less painful.  As a believer it is even sweeter, because my hope is coupled with the Faith that You will continue to bless us all and make Your undying Love and Grace known even in dark times.   Thank you Lord for hope. 

Sad news

 - by emaroo

We just heard from Laurie and found out that one of her babies died in the night.  Drew just ran out of fluid and they couldn’t find a heart rate this morning.  However, Jake is still active and doing great.  They have chosen to leave Jake were he is for now so please pray that he will grow strong and be the healthy baby boy that we have been praying for.  I can only try to imagine how they are feeling right now and all we can do is pray and ask for healing.  As much as my heart breaks for them over Drew, we still have to stay hopeful and strong for Jake! 

Fun with chalk…

 - by emaroo

I love it when Jack makes messes! I don’t want to hinder his creativity with always being concerned if everything is clean. That doesn’t mean we aren’t learning to clean up our messes once we make them…but he has so much fun and obviously learns so much in the process. It is a site to see! I readily admit that this is the art teacher in me talking.  Needless to say, we don’t abide by the “one toy at a time rule” that I know a lot of moms do.  Where’s the fun in that? :)

Yesterday, I bought some sidewalk chalk and let Jack and Olivia loose on the patio. Surprisingly, they were rather tame in their mess making…much to my disappointment. haha!

Good news on the twin front

 - by emaroo

Laurie sent another update today and said that after a sono this afternoon that there is plently of fluid around the babies and that her cervix is still long and closed!  She has now made it to 26 weeks with the boys!!  Keep up the good, but hard work, Laurie…and Drew and Jake!

I am just sick…

 - by emaroo

I have learned more details about the attack of my neighbor and I am just sick. I am sick that another human being can be so controlled by the devil to do such things to another person.  Good news is, is that she is awake and talking.  Her mom is now with her at the hospital.   I will not go into detail about her attack…but it was gruesome.  Lord, please be with her…

update on previous post

 - by emaroo

An officer came by and knocked on our door asking if we had heard anything out our bedroom window last night etc.  We told them what we had seen, but we hadn’t heard anything.  He then asked us to write statements.  He did tell us that she was sexually assulted.  I saw her mother in the front yard so I went and gave her a big hug.  She told me that her daughter was in the trauma unit at Parkland (ironically, she used to be a nurse in the trauma unit at Parkland and helped save the life of my best friend’s brother, Brian as well as our neighbor Eric after a motorcycle accident). 

I am really freaked out that this happened outside my bedroom window and we didn’t hear a thing.  She was found in the yard in a huge pool of blood.  I really want to think we would have heard something.  We hear everything out our bedroom windows.   Why didn’t we wake up so that we could have called the police sooner?  The one night we were heavy sleepers, why did it have to be last night?

Please pray that our neighbor is healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.  She is, obviously, in a very bad emotional and physical place right now.  Please pray for her mother to find peace.  I just adore her mother.  She is always so kind and sweet to us and Jack.  We talk over the fence and Jack laughs at her little dogs barking.

The gaggle of gossiping neighbors is still standing outside her house.  I wish they would just go home and give that mom some peace.  She knows we all love her and are praying for her…but don’t stand outside her house! 

Finally all the police have left, so her house shouldn’t draw as much attention.  We have a very close neighborhood so everyone that stopped was genuinly concerned, but it has to be overwhelming. 


sad morning…

 - by emaroo

We woke up this morning to see several police cars including the Crime Scene vehicle parked outside our neighbor’s house.  I won’t go into too much detail but in the 4 years we have lived here we have had problems with our neighbor where we have had to call police.  She is an alcoholic but seemed to get cleaned up and her life back on track about a year ago.  It has become evident that she has started drinking again lately.  We got home around midnight last night from dinner with some friends and I saw her start to walk down the street in a hot pink mini skirt and stick her thumb out to the first car that drove by as if to hitch a ride.  I had a very bad feeling when I saw that.  Alan just called the police to find out what was going on and they said it was a domestic issue.  My heart breaks for her and her family.  She lives in the house with her mother and sister.  We live in such a quiet, sweet neighborhood otherwise so it really makes my heart sink when we wake up to something like this.

Last night on the way to our friend’s house we came upon an accident that seemed to have just happened.  A man was laying in the middle of the road bleeding from his head.  People were standing all around him and a car was smashed in.  Turns out the man died at the scene after being hit by an elderly woman while riding his motorcycle.  He was not wearing a helmet.

Let’s hope the day turns around!