Month: July 2009

Washed in the water

 - by emaroo

This past Sunday our family celebrated the baptism of Colin!  It was a glorious time for our family as we publicly welcomed Colin into Christ’s family and promised to raise him to know and love our Lord.  The sermon that day was about forgiveness which I found fitting (for many reasons) but mostly because of the symbolism of the waters of baptism washing away our sins as we allow ourselves to forgive and trust in God’s love and grace.  It was a wonderful day!  We are so blessed to have such wonderfully supportive friends and family through every step of our lives. 

Alan’s grandparents and great-aunt, Margie came to town and got to meet Colin as well!


Granmom and Pawpaw meeting their sixth great-grandchild


Judy was rummaging through her attic a few months back and happened upon a gem!  She found the baptismal gown that her father had worn.  No one remembered that this gown existed until now.  She was able to trace the gown back to a picture taken on the day of her father’s baptism.  What a blessing to have such a beautiful heirloom in the family!


We are still working on the “family picture”.  This one is at least better than the one taken on July 3rd at the fireworks!


The grandmothers!


This is pretty much how Colin spent the day – sacked out in someones arms.  What a life!  Let’s hope he doesn’t treat his wedding day the same way!




Fabulous Fourth – and then some…

 - by emaroo

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend this year!  I was so glad that it fell on a Saturday because that meant Alan got off at 2pm on Thursday and then had Friday off all together.  We spent it with lots of friends and family, celebrating the freedom so many have sacrificed to give us - just as any July 4th weekend should be spent.

Enjoy the pics!


Two All-American boys on July 3rd as we were heading out the door to meet the Root family at Kaboom Town in Addison


Why so serious, Colin?


This is about the best family pic we get these days!  Gotta love the psycho two’s – I no longer call them terrible, they are psycho!


After inviting ourselves along on the traditional Root Family celebration for the second year, I think we have been installed as members!  Expect to see us next year, Gina! haha! 


Despite all the noise and heat, ‘little bit’ was sacked by night’s end.


We woke up on the morning of the 4th and went to meet the Gandys for brunch


We then went to the Schultz’s house for a fun time with lots of friends.


The 5th brought my mom, sister and Bruce over for some fajitas and juicy watermelon.


Gamma wanted to feed Colin watermelon – but he insisted he wait a little longer!


Of course Aunt Anna wanted to feed him her margarita, but then decided she wanted it all for herself!  Colin was not pleased.


Pure joy!  Thank you Lord for family, friends and freedom!!

Shameless plug

 - by emaroo

I have lots to blog about in regards to the family but right now I want to post about something else near and dear to my heart, Emily Melson Photography!  Alan and I have been revamping the website and setting up a blog and facebook presence. 

As you undoubtedly know, photography is not just a passion of mine, it is an extension of me.  Just like I am a woman, wife, mother and friend – I am a photographer and an artist. 

Go visit for my website and you can read the blog  that I will update with previews from shoots as I do them.  You can even become a fan on Facebook. I am so excited that the Lord has blessed me with a talent that I can use to not only express my artistic side but also to help support my family financially. 

More about the fam later!