Month: August 2010

Slow and steady – right?

 - by emaroo

I just keep telling myself – slow and steady wins the race!  I have just logged my weight for my 5th week doing Weight Watchers.  I am down 6.8 pounds.  That’s almost 1.4 pounds a week.  I am choosing to be very happy with that.  Of course, Miss Impatient would LOVE for all the weight to melt off over night and wear cute and sassy clothes – but the likelihood of it all coming back is pretty high.  So, I am choosing to be happy with 1.4 pounds per week.

Back when I was going to WW meetings I once made a grumbling about “only” losing 1 lb one week which prompted the leader to bring in a jar with 1 pound of fat in it the next week.  I have never complained about “only” losing 1 lb again.  That was truly disturbing. 

High points of the last five weeks have included getting back into many of my pre-Jack clothes and NOT looking like a stuffed sausage!  Also, I have had lots more energy and have felt pretty darn good.

Low points have been when I let my blood sugar get too low (usually when I am dealing with needy children and forget to eat) and have given in to temptation and eaten something I shouldn’t.  However, again, the greatness of WW is that the wagon is just an arms reach away to hop back onto!  One of those 5 weeks I logged a .2lb gain but quickly got rid of that and dropped a little more.

This is a marathon – a very long one – but one that will be so worth it. 

Oh, and I am 3 pounds from my first personal goal – getting that BLASTED baby weight off!!  It took me nine months with Jack and will have taken more than 15 with Colin but the important thing is that I lose it for good!!  I cannot wait to log that weight when it happens!  I can taste it!

What’d he just say?

 - by emaroo

I have always firmly believed that textbook “milestones” are just flat out stupid.  They make parents paranoid and cause them to have unrealistic expectations of their child’s development.  My kids are developing beautifully, as I see it – but if I read the books I might be worried.  Thank goodness I don’t.

I have seen many babies who are walking at 10 or 11 months but aren’t talking at 18 or 20 months.  Then there are my boys who talk up a storm super early and really don’t care much about walking until it serves them!  Gee – don’t know where my kids get their love of talking!

Colin turned 15 months old yesterday and only has taken a couple of steps on his own back when I posted that last.  He does cruise around furniture like crazy and can almost crawl faster than I can run.  However, what this kid does best – as did Jack – is talk!

He said his first word, “kitty” a long time ago.  That was actually Jack’s first word too.  We like cats around here.  He then didn’t say much for a while.  Lots of grunts and noises, though.  Now he says ‘dada’, ‘mama’, JA (Jack), ‘chooo-chooo’ (whenever he sees a train), ‘bat’ (bath), ‘die’ (light), ‘bye’, ‘hi’ and a couple of times he has said ‘uv oo’ (love you).  Other than him telling me he loves me, the cutest thing he does is sing “Old McDonald” – or his version of it.  The other day he was crawling around and I heard him singing: “baa – baa – baa, e-i-e-i-e-i, baa – baa – baa”  It was super cute.  Now if I sing “E-I-E-I-” he will sing “OOOOOOOOO”.

Colin has been signing “all done” for a while and “milk” since he nursed.  “Milk” now often just means “feed me!”  If nothing else works he will just open his mouth, point inside forcefully and grunt loudly.  He finally signed “more” at lunch the other day.  Of course it was to get “more” ice cream.  Who wouldn’t learn a new trick if it meant more ice cream?  We are working on ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

It’s so fun to watch these boys grow and learn.  I thank God everday for the chance to witness it.

Chop, chop!

 - by emaroo

Yes, we chopped my sweet baby’s beautiful red locks today.  I hate, hate, hate how old they look after their first hair cuts.  It just isn’t fair!

I had to get some before pics before we left to remember his soft, shaggy, unruely baby hair.  But first I had to prove he could “walk” because I made up this stupid rule that my babies have to be walking before they can have their first haircut.  It seems fair because “babies” shouldn’t have a haircut and only “babies” can’t walk, right?  Ya, I know stupid rule.  HOWEVER, I am ever the rule follower so we just altered our definition of walking and “helped” him keep his balance a little.  It works!  After all, he DID take his first steps last week – so technically he walked on his own.  Why do I do this to myself? 


There he is – walking! See!



I did say it was shaggy, right?


Brother always finds his way into pictures.


Aww!  So gorgeous!  How can I dare cut it?



Almost ready!


Jack was nice enough to go first.  He didn’t have much to cut – just needed his over-grown buzz cleaned up a tad.  Hoping for it to grow back in the Fall.


Now Colin’s ready to race – er – get his hair cut!


Oh bless me!  Where did those baby curls go??? 


I didn’t realize that when you took your baby in to get his hair cut you actually left with an entirely different child!!  This happened with Jack too.  I still think about him.  Oh well. 


Two big boys with big boys cuts. 

Thank the LORD for GROWING boys!

Love birds or not?

 - by emaroo

I am sure that many of you have followed the blossoming love saga that is Jack and Olivia. I never get tired of these pics from their first kiss more than two years ago.   It seemed like a love that was meant to be – written in the stars – hatched in the womb (ok, that was a stretch).  Sadly, both of them now answer with an emphatic “NO” when you ask if they are going to marry the other.  Maybe it was too good to be true.  Sigh. 

Regardless, I still enjoy watching them play so sweetly (when they aren’t fighting like an old married couple). 




Oh, sweet Livi – how I so wanted you to be my precious daughter-in-law.  I guess I will just have to settle for the girl best friend that everyone is confused about.  Sigh. 


Jack was handed down a bike by his cousin yesterday and after swimming we tried to get Jack to ride it around a little.  He made a pretty pitiful effort and gave up despite our cheering and coaxing.


Yep – pitiful.  But who is the one person that didn’t give up on him?  Who is the one person that knew he just needed a little push?  Who is the precious future daughter-in-law (I haven’t given up hope!) who always has Jack’s back?  You guessed it – Olivia! 


Step by step…

 - by emaroo

Six and a half days before he turns 15 months – on 08-09-10 – Colin decided to take his first, real, unassisted steps!  Bree was over and was walking with him, holding onto his fingers, when all of a sudden she let go and off he went.  Well, he took about 2 steps towards me and then gripped my fingers for dear life.  He repeated his new trick 3 or 4 times before pooping out.  I think I have hung onto the “baby” in Colin long enough and need to realize that I don’t have a baby in the house anymore.  Sniff.

I tried to get him to repeat the steps for Daddy but he would have none of it.  He did stand on his own for Daddy as he has been doing for a couple of days now.  He only does it when he isn’t paying attention, really.  If he is standing next to a table or the easel and is playing with a toy he will hold the toy with both hands forgetting that he isn’t holding on. 


I checked – there are no hands down and he isn’t leaning on the chair!  He is standing!  He did this for a while.


He started to lose his balance and he actually squatted a little and caught his balance.  Still – not holding on. 

Look out people!  He’s about to be on the move!!

ETA: This morning he figured out this whole standing thing and did it several times without something near-by to grab should he fall.  He still looks a tad uncertain but his legs are very solid! 


Way to go big boy!!

A girl’s gotta eat!

 - by emaroo

After about 2 1/2 weeks on WW I feel like a changed woman!  I have officially dropped 3.4 pounds already (and since I am a compulsive weigher know that I have lost more than that – but weigh-ins are on Thursdays).  That might now seem like a lot – but I feel it.  I have actual energy all day – I get tired at night and want to go to sleep before 1am – and I just feel healthier!  I think once the clothes start to get too big is when I will really believe this is possible – oh the feeling of wearing a smaller size! 

I got my first “You look skinny!” today – but it was said by a crazy woman who is 9 months pregnant and obviously dillusional – or blind! haha!  Love you, Kerri!  I am FAR from skinny – but I am starting to be able to visualize the skinny girl that is hiding in this flabby body. 

With all that said, I have to tell you what I LOVE most about Weight Watchers!  I LOVE the freedom it gives you!  WW is all about choices and flexibility.  This weekend Alan and I had a little “get away” or a mini “stay-cation” – and when I am on vacation the last thing I want to worry about is food.  In fact, half the fun of a vacation is enjoying great food.  Thursday night we went out for sushi – which I learned is only 2 points for 4 pieces, wine is 3 points and yes – I indulged in a couple of small spring rolls too.  The next morning I blew the rest of the week’s “Flex Points” (extra points to use or not) and tasted a tiny bit of heaven.  Alan and I had the most decadently sinful blueberry and ricotta pancakes at Smoke – the restaurant associated with the Hotel Belmont where we stayed.  Knock me over with a feather – these things were AMAZING!!!  I enjoyed every last point!  But because I planned ahead – I was still sticking to the program!


Leave it to me to blog about fattening foods in a post about losing weight – but it really is relevant!  I am the same way about food as I am shopping – if I deprive myself for too long I will binge.  So, this weekend was my time to indulge a little and now I am back on the wagon. 

Off to dream about those pancakes.