Month: May 2008

Ack! My son wore a disposable diaper!

 - by emaroo

I am not ashamed to admit it…yes, my son had to wear a disposable diaper to bed last night.  I am not sure what happened, but when he came home yesterday Jack had the worst rash I have ever seen in my life all over his diaper area, all the way up his bum and it even started to spread onto his legs.  I wasn’t sure what on earth it was, only that it was getting worse.  I didn’t think he had eaten anything strange to give him a reaction like that. 

 So, I immediatly slathered him in antibiotic ointment in case it was bacterial (I just had a hunch) and then put him in a pre-fold diaper.  Yes, those old-fashioned diapers that I wore as a baby (and many of you did too, whether you want to admit it or not! haha).  They come in VERY handy when you need a kid’s bum to air out and have a natural fiber on his skin.  But for night time I need something more.  So, with the advice of my cloth diapering guru, Bree, I put him in a ‘sposie’ last night to keep him as dry as possible since those suckers wick every drop of moisture away from baby (one of the reasons I don’t like them because they have no desire to potty train when they can’t feel the moisture). 

 I had a handful of Tushies brand diapers Bree had given me ages ago (why, I don’t remember).  They are better than most because they are gel free, chlorine free etc.  I just hate all the chemicals in name brand disposable diapers.  We put Jack to bed…and no, the world did not come to an end and I am not going to hell…I think! haha!  I then proceeded to wash every diaper, insert, doubler and prefold we have with a touch of bleach  to kill anything that may have gotten on them. 

 I have a feeling this is my fault because the other day when I was washing diapers I threw in a handful of kitchen rags to wash with them.  When I took the kitchen rags out of the dryer, I noticed mold on them.  YUCK!  So, I am guessing I contaminated some of his diapers when I washed those together. 

So, to add another layer of bacteria killing to the mix, I decided to hang a clothes line outside so that the sun could bleach them out some more.  I died laughing when I looked at the line because I could only get the inserts, doublers and prefolds hung because I have so many freaking diapers! haha!  I still had to hang all of the covers inside over the washer like I normally do.  Bree came over this morning to pick something up and laughed at me too, and said, “Em, I think we have a bit of an obsession.”  I tend to agree. 

Anyway,  I now love the clothes line.  I think I might dry his diapers like this more often saving all that energy from the dryer.  Plus in this 95* heat in MAY they will dry in no time.  Normally we won’t have so many as I wash every other day and have lots left over each time.

I wanted to share a few pics of my new “green” clothes-drying system!  Someone, please tell me you are proud of me!! 

Jack wanted to help too…so he came out in his cute little pre-fold. 


Twirling, head banging, wiggling son of mine…

 - by emaroo


If you have kids you HAVE to buy this CD.  Some of you know Brave Combo.  They are a long running staple to Denton’s music scene and to the uber cool and funky polka world…yes, I said polka.  Anyway…they put out a kids CD and it keeps my son more entertained than anything I have ever seen.  He has spent the last half hour spinning circles, headbanging (thanks bruce!), swaying, bouncing and laughing up a storm!  My favorite kids music CD so far!  It is MUCH easier to listen to also because the instrumentals and voices are actually good and NOT synthesized.  Do it…buy it!  You will be dancing up a storm too!

Beautiful evening…

 - by emaroo

We FINALLY had a break from the early heat wave today!  We have been suffering through 95*+ temps lately (and it isn’t even June) but today we got some much needed rain and a MUCH cooler afternoon.  I think it even dipped down into the high 60′s!!  I think it was around 70 this evening.  That is heaven for me.  I think I would have jumped off a cliff if we didn’t get some kind of break in all this.  So, we dusted off the jogging stroller and went for a stroll in our neighborhood.  I love walking in our neighborhood…we have the best neighbors.  It is so quiet and peaceful. We stopped for a swing break in the park about halfway…Jack found that to be quite enjoyable. 

Oh, I got to test out our new natural goat milk bug repellant bar I talked about in a previous post…and I think it is good stuff.  It smells nice and you just have to rub it on a few places.  I put it on Jack’s wrists, back of his neck and behind his knees.  I think the key is, though, to rub it on a little bit before you know you are going out to give your natural body heat time to release the aroma that is supposed to repel the nasty little mosquitoes.


Memorial Day…

 - by emaroo

Hard to say “Happy Memorial Day” as this is not a day of celebration, but rather of honor. We spent the long (4 day for me and 3 1/2 for Alan) weekend visiting friends and family. We were able to make it to Denton to see my dad. He is one of our proud former military that we should honor today. I am proud to be his daughter. I love you dad!!



Is homebirth safe?

 - by emaroo

Trust me, I have heard the questions…I have seen the looks when I discuss homebirth with people that are ardent hospital birthers. I know people who read about Chantel having twins (one breech) at home probably thought she was insane. “What if’s” were probably going through your mind. Sure, I know the statistics…I know they are actually favorable for homebirths when all conditions are right. (yes, I DID say odds are IN the homebirth’s corner) Would I have twins at home…I honestly don’t know. Reading Chantel’s blog today really put a lot into perspective. This woman was so prepared and on top of things. She had a back up plan for her back up plan in case anything, at any moment went wrong. She was ready for anything. Those are the kind of people that should be having homebirths. I really appreciate how matter of fact she was about her birth and of all the risks involved. She makes it clear that she is no hero, she is no rockstar, she is a mom who wanted to do the best and safest things for her babies. I am still in awe of her. I only hope to have half her confidence and knowledge when the times comes. (no, we are not pregnant! Well, yet…wink) If you care to read her post you can find it here. The post is called “baby mooning.”

I am in awe of this woman…

 - by emaroo

This woman is my 2nd hero of the day, Chantel being my first.  In the wake of the earthquake in China she took it upon herself to breastfeed up to 9 babies at a time while their mothers were either injured, malnourished or worse.  What a humble and loving example of grace.  Wow, I am in tears.