Month: March 2009

Happy Birthday Dear…

 - by emaroo

Today is my dear, sweet husband’s 31st birthday!  This morning Jack and I were singing Happy Birthday to him and I would sing the, “Happy birthday”, part and Jack would sing, “to you”, When we got to “Happy Birthday Dear…” and Jack sang, “God”.  Sweet boy!

Happy Birthday ALAN, as well.  I love you and adore you! 


Go Lions!!

 - by emaroo

Some of you know that I teach at the same school I graduated from.  I was never much into “school spirit” back in high school, but now that these are my kids that are playing, I am much more excited at their victories and saddened by their losses.  Well, Turner has not experienced many (understatement) victories over the last several years.  In fact Turner has not secured an outright District Championship (in any sport) in 32 years!  It has been hard to watch these kids get beat time and time again at almost every sport.  However, our boys soccer team are District Champions and just made it to the 3rd round of the State playoffs with their victory last night.  They will play our biggest rival, Newman Smith, this Friday night - a team we tied earlier in the season - but whom we have outplayed in almost every game before and since. 

So, little Miss “No school spirit” had to give a shout out to my fellow Lions!  I am so proud!  If I were not taking my break from Facebook for Lent, I would post on Facebook to try and get more alumni out to the game this Friday at Southlake Dragon Stadium, 6pm. 


Spring photo shoot

 - by emaroo

We had our spring family photo shoot yesterday and our photographer sent me a sneak peek of a few of the shots today.  I love them! 

Without the worry of having to have the “perfect” picture for a Christmas card etc, we could just have fun.  The pictures were MUCH better than Christmas, as a result!

Here are a couple that she sent me…thanks Chera!



“Where’s the baby, Jack? Oh, there he is!”




It was nice to be able to document our family of 3 one more time before the baby is born.  What a fun family we have too!!  (Only going to get better!)

I’m a BIG BOY now!

 - by emaroo

We were so proud of Jack’s progress with potty training that we let him pick out his first set of big boy undies!  He loves sporting those and not the bulky training pants.   The orange crocs were his addition to the “outfit”.


Details, details

 - by emaroo

So, God has really been speaking to me lately as our family goes through a time of great change (exciting change, but still change).  Sometimes it is easy to pass off the “voices” in my head as just chatter and not really listen to God speaking to me.  I know this because I have always been a person that is constantly thinking; making it hard to just be in a quiet moment with God.  Also, how often do we go through life SO busy and stressed with our own “plans” and just hope and pray that God is taking care of the big picture as we take care of the details (because if we don’t do it, how do we know if He will?)

Those are two very important points that I have been wrestling with and wouldn’t you know it…that was what Sunday’s sermon was about! Listening to God and trusting and OBEYING Him in the details! 

Jon started out talking about the previous Sunday’s sermon (which I missed) where he talked about temptation and how temptation can so easily shake our faith.  Whenever we choose what is right or good, the devil and temptation are not far behind to challenge our faith.  Thus we must pay attention to every moment, see God’s plan and OBEY Him trusting that He will provide everything we need!  EVERYTHING!  Just as he provided the mana everyday for the Israelites, he will provide the bread for my family as well, but I have to trust that He will be there the next day and the next day too.  It isn’t just about today and it isn’t just about praying for Him to be there in the bad times to take care of the big picture and be this Almighty, disconnected, Father looking down on us. 

It seems like our family is going through a lot of “big picture” things right now, which we are, but the day to day provisions for our lives are what make the big picture seem much smaller. 

The last point in the sermon was a question that made both Alan and I chuckle because of how directly it spoke to us.  Jon asked “What legitimate needs do you have in your life that you could easily meet in irresponsible or illegitimate ways?”  Basically, what real needs do you have that you could easily meet in a way that is not allowing God to have the control and the power?  We both laughed because we had very similar thoughts this week that we had not shared with one another that spoke directly to that question.  We both decided that there was a very specific but “important” need in each of our lives that we could easily meet with using a credit card.   It was very easily legitimized because it would help me earn money for our family next year and make life a lot easier on us.  Now, Alan and I haven’t even seen a credit card in well over a year, much less used one, but temptation was knocking at our door and trying to shake that faith in God to provide what He thought we needed in His time and not ours; through His means and not ours.  Thank you LORD for making us listen!!

Another incident of God making me listen could have potentially impacted our lives in a very scary way if I had not.  Sunday afternoon I went to visit my friend Meredith in the hospital.  She has just delivered her 3rd baby; an adorable 6lb girl.  While I was there she and I started talking about her expereince with pre-term labor with her first born son.   What she told me impacted my quickness the very next day.  I had been having some symptoms that I had not had when I was pregnant with Jack and after talking to her went home and told Alan that I had a gut feeling that I really needed to start taking it easy.  Monday I went to work and experienced cramping that was quite scary.  I had waves of cramps that became stronger and more painful with each episode.  Because of what Meredith had told me I didn’t hesitate to call my midwife to go get checked.  THANKFULLY, my cervix is good and closed and everything seems ok.  I have just been put on temporary bed rest for a few days.   I feel much better today but am not taking any chances.  Alan brought me a laptop from work, I have a new book to read and a TV with loads of crappy daytime tv.  Anyway, my point is…that conversation with Meredith was such a “God moment” as He knew I would doubt what I heard in my own head, I would think I was over-reacting so He placed her in my life at that moment to make me listen.  That isn’t “big picture” stuff…that is day to day trust in Him.  I am so grateful, Lord!

Dry, dry, DRY!

 - by emaroo

The smallest things seem like the biggest when you are raising a toddler.  There are days when everything seems new and exciting to Jack when really they are mundane things to the rest of us.  Well, I am jumping for joy today and all because 3 out of the last 5 days Jack has woken up DRY!!  One night he woke up about 3am and Alan took him to pee, another night Alan woke him up around midnight and he pee’d and then last night he slept through the night and woke up DRY!  I went in his room this morning and he was laying in his bed playing with his doggies.  When he saw me he sat up and said “goodmorning, Mama, go pee-pee!”  I took him and was so excited when I took off his diaper to find it totally dry! 

YAY Jack!!  Who is it that always says boys are harder to PT than girls?  Jack isn’t even 25 months yet!  Of course most of this I owe to Jack’s amazing care provider, Amba…she is the true potty whisperer!  She has taught me just about everything I know when it comes to PT and Jack too!

God answers even potty prayers!  I really need Jack to be well on his way to being totally potty trained when Baby M 2.0 comes for my sanity, and God is providing!! 

A couple of days ago he went from waking up to going to bed totally dry and used the potty everytime!

I am sending Daddy, Papa and Jack out on Saturday to pick out “big boy” undies as an additional incentive.  I am hoping that these will be easier for him to get on and off to go when he needs to.  Frankly, most of the time I just let him run around in the buff so he can go when he needs to, but I need to try and start getting him to notice a tad bit more in advance so there is time to get his pants off etc if we are out in public.  So, I am hoping that big boy undies might help! 

YAY Jack!!


An open letter to my first born son…

 - by emaroo

I have been thinking a lot lately about Jack, and his impact on our lives in just two years.  While I know this will come with gobs of tears, I have been drawn to write down just how he has changed my heart.

Dear Jack,

Just over two years ago, your daddy and I were still wondering what you looked like, how big you would be and whether we would ever sleep again.  Little did we know that none of that would really matter; as soon as you were born my heart changed, because I was a mother – your mother.  You will always be my first born, my first baby, the one that taught me everything about being a mother, a wife and a woman.  No one else can ever claim to do that – you will always hold that very special place in my heart and in our family.

I am reluctant to say that you have been the “dream child” because after all, you are just now two.  Everyone talks about how “terrible” the twos are, but I really do feel that you have been a dear, loving, laid-back kid over the last two years.  Sure, you have had your moments when you were overly tired or sick and just couldn’t keep it together.  Don’t worry – when you were sick it made me sick too, and I cried right along with you.    There were also times when you just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t take the flashlight into the bath with you, or when it was just too cold to go outside, and that made you quite upset. But through it all, you would listen to Mommy or Daddy, simply decide that it was “OK” and then calm down quickly allowing your sweet smile to return.  This is just one of many ways that the Holy Spirit has shown within your heart.

Speaking of your heart, it’s truly the largest part of you – and knowing what a big boy you are, that is saying a lot!  You are always very concerned when others are sad or scared.  I see how it affects you; you want to help and show love to them.  It’s truly beautiful.  One moment that is imprinted on my heart forever was what you said to me the other night.  We were all three in the car; I thought you were asleep and I was talking to Daddy about how sad I am that your life is going to change so much when your baby brother is born.  I know this is a confusing time for you, and you don’t really understand why everything has to change; sometimes I feel the same way.  As excited as I am to meet this new baby, I will also miss the wonderful threesome that makes up our family right now.  As Daddy and I talked that night, I was trying to be quiet - but you heard my sobs, and said to me as if from Jesus’ mouth directly, “Mama, no crying”.  Of course that made me cry more, but they were grateful tears for the reassurance that the Lord gave me in that moment that you are stronger and wiser than I have given you credit for.  You are going to fall in love with your baby brother and teach him everything you know. 

Remember that you will always be my first-born, and will always hold a place in my heart that no one else can hold.  You made the unknown known and the scary safe.  You made life important and meaningful for your daddy and me.  Your brother will double the love and joy we already have for our family, but will not take away from the impact that you have had.

I love you!