What’d he just say?

 - by emaroo

I have always firmly believed that textbook “milestones” are just flat out stupid.  They make parents paranoid and cause them to have unrealistic expectations of their child’s development.  My kids are developing beautifully, as I see it – but if I read the books I might be worried.  Thank goodness I don’t.

I have seen many babies who are walking at 10 or 11 months but aren’t talking at 18 or 20 months.  Then there are my boys who talk up a storm super early and really don’t care much about walking until it serves them!  Gee – don’t know where my kids get their love of talking!

Colin turned 15 months old yesterday and only has taken a couple of steps on his own back when I posted that last.  He does cruise around furniture like crazy and can almost crawl faster than I can run.  However, what this kid does best – as did Jack – is talk!

He said his first word, “kitty” a long time ago.  That was actually Jack’s first word too.  We like cats around here.  He then didn’t say much for a while.  Lots of grunts and noises, though.  Now he says ‘dada’, ‘mama’, JA (Jack), ‘chooo-chooo’ (whenever he sees a train), ‘bat’ (bath), ‘die’ (light), ‘bye’, ‘hi’ and a couple of times he has said ‘uv oo’ (love you).  Other than him telling me he loves me, the cutest thing he does is sing “Old McDonald” – or his version of it.  The other day he was crawling around and I heard him singing: “baa – baa – baa, e-i-e-i-e-i, baa – baa – baa”  It was super cute.  Now if I sing “E-I-E-I-” he will sing “OOOOOOOOO”.

Colin has been signing “all done” for a while and “milk” since he nursed.  “Milk” now often just means “feed me!”  If nothing else works he will just open his mouth, point inside forcefully and grunt loudly.  He finally signed “more” at lunch the other day.  Of course it was to get “more” ice cream.  Who wouldn’t learn a new trick if it meant more ice cream?  We are working on ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

It’s so fun to watch these boys grow and learn.  I thank God everday for the chance to witness it.

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