Chop, chop!

 - by emaroo

Yes, we chopped my sweet baby’s beautiful red locks today.  I hate, hate, hate how old they look after their first hair cuts.  It just isn’t fair!

I had to get some before pics before we left to remember his soft, shaggy, unruely baby hair.  But first I had to prove he could “walk” because I made up this stupid rule that my babies have to be walking before they can have their first haircut.  It seems fair because “babies” shouldn’t have a haircut and only “babies” can’t walk, right?  Ya, I know stupid rule.  HOWEVER, I am ever the rule follower so we just altered our definition of walking and “helped” him keep his balance a little.  It works!  After all, he DID take his first steps last week – so technically he walked on his own.  Why do I do this to myself? 


There he is – walking! See!



I did say it was shaggy, right?


Brother always finds his way into pictures.


Aww!  So gorgeous!  How can I dare cut it?



Almost ready!


Jack was nice enough to go first.  He didn’t have much to cut – just needed his over-grown buzz cleaned up a tad.  Hoping for it to grow back in the Fall.


Now Colin’s ready to race – er – get his hair cut!


Oh bless me!  Where did those baby curls go??? 


I didn’t realize that when you took your baby in to get his hair cut you actually left with an entirely different child!!  This happened with Jack too.  I still think about him.  Oh well. 


Two big boys with big boys cuts. 

Thank the LORD for GROWING boys!

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