Month: November 2009

Lord, help me to pray even as I sleep!

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Gina says it all in her post – so I will let you read it for yourselves!  

It is getting so close!  I want to hold and love all over my new “niece” and “nephew”.    What blessed kids these are to be placed with the Root family!  They may not be related to me by blood or law, but in my heart and in the eyes of God – they are my family!

Can’t believe I am going to say this – but anything for the love of my life!

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So, this is ALL for Alan and his beloved TCU horned frogs – any of my aggie friends please understand that this is a momentary salute and my disdain for all things Texas A&M will soon return.  However, given the great success of the TCU football team this year and their potential to reach even greater heights in a BCS bowl I have to turn my eyes away from UT (a school and team I have great respect for) and root, cheer and pray that Texas A&M beat them in their annual, day after Thanksgiving (edit: now on Thanksgiving night, for some reason), rivalry game.  A UT loss right now could mean wonderful things for TCU – and my marriage!

Lord, help me – but it must be said: (I stole this from James Reimer’s FB status – he says it much better than I could – with a few edits.)

Gig ‘em. Despite their lacklustre season, may the annals of history come alive for 3-4 hours on Thanksgiving. May Texas A&M suddenly turn into the A&M of early 90′s, and may the 12th man rise up in a voice of thunder for all to hear. May the Longhorns become the Egyptians, and the Aggies become the Red Sea.

That is all.  Now to puke.

Happy Half Birthday, Colin!

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It’s been said before – but wow, where did the time go?  I have so much to be happy about and a little to be sad about too – but I am going to try really hard to concentrate on the good!  I have the happiest, most laid back baby on the planet!  I joked to someone the other day that he even smiles in his sleep.  She laughed as if she didn’t believe me.  On Tuesday Colin had his 6 month well visit at the pedi which caused his schedule to be a bit messed up so he zonked out in my arms while nursing that afternoon (I fell asleep too, actually).  When I woke up and looked down at him, this is what I saw.  Thank the Lord for cell phone cameras!  He really does smile in his sleep!  What an angel!


On Monday – Colin’s actual half-birthday - I was working out a glitch with my camera by taking some pics of him in his bouncer.  He often plays in his bouncer and watches me work during the day.  So basically these are test shots – but what precious test shots they are!  It wasn’t until later that I realized they were the only pics of him on his 6 month birthday. 




So, at 6 months Colin can almost sit by himself.  He can roll back to front and front to back.  Usually the rolling front to back is only because being on his tummy really pisses him off!  He loves to reach out and grab for your nose, ear, hair, eyes – whatever he can grab.  He says a lot of “Mamamamama” when he is hungry (brilliant child, I tell you!) 

Now on to the hard part.  My sweet little boy is only 14 1/2 lbs and has now dropped into the 5th percentile for his weight.  He is still in the 33rd for height (a 10% drop from 4 months, though).  I have been somewhat aware of this for a while but just kept on nursing and kept on believing that we were doing the right thing – which I KNOW we were.  I am 100% convinced that Colin’s nursing kept him from getting the swine flu when I had it at the beginning of October.   I don’t want to go into too much detail because this is highly personal to me and I refuse to defend any decision I have made.  Those that know me best know what I went through with Jack and know how utterly heartbreaking this is for me.  I have been having hormonal imbalances for a while now that I believe has affected my milk.  I have taken every supplement and tried every technique I know of to increase my supply and quality of my milk, but I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. 

Now that Colin can start solids I am going to really make sure he is eating super, good quality, high (good) fatty foods.  Avocado (he loves!), homemade brown rice cereal with some coconut oil etc.  He will be in heaven!  I have also researched the heck out of organic formulas.  It is no secret that I hate formula but understand that it might be needed to beef up his food.  I have finally found one that I can give Colin and still sleep at night!  All the name brands – even the organics have SOOO much added sugar and synthetic crap that I just couldn’t give it to him.  Good news is – I not only found one I am very happy with – but it is cheaper than name brands!  How often does that happen?  Usually in order to eat healthy foods you end up spending 2-3 times as much. 

I am still going to nurse Colin as long as I can – especially through flu season.  I am just not ready to give that up;  I have a bond with Colin that I never had with Jack at this age.  It is such a beautiful blessing. 

So, we will see how “Operation Plump Up” goes.  Please pray for both of us as we enter this new phase.

Fall in Texas

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Because Mommy has been so busy with work this month we haven’t really had a lot of family time on the weekends to do a lot.  But don’t fret, that doesn’t mean I have gone without taking pictures of my sweet boys! 

What do you do in the Fall when you are bored and there are leaves EVERYWHERE?  Jump in them, throw them and rake them – that’s what!



 A boy and his truck










After all that fun in the the leaves – you gotta wash them off!



Backing up a bit – Halloween

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Ahh!  I am so behind.  I can’t believe that October has gone and November is almost gone as well.  I guess I will just start where I left off – just before Halloween. 

Somehow my cousin talked me in to doing a theme this year.  That should have been my first red flag there.  I hate themes and I HATE dressing up in costumes.  Somehow she got us all to dress up as some character from the Wizard of Oz.  Jack was the Scarecrow, Colin – the Lion, Mommy was the Wicked Witch of the West (of course!) and Daddy was the Tinman.  The theme continued with my cousin Dana as Dorothy, her son Hunter as a flying Monkey and Robert as the Yellow Brick Road.  We also had a Glinda and Wizard.  It was insane – fun, but insane.

Jack really got into Trick or Treating this year more than last.  After the first two houses he looked at me all excited, held out his bucket and said “Let’s go FILL IT UP, Mama!!”



To get a better look at our precious Lion!




What a sport Alan was!


I told Alan I was going to frame this and hang it next to our wedding picture!

Hard drive – FAIL!

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Please excuse the lack of posts this month.  I had a *tiny* issue with an external hard drive.  I can’t even talk about it I am still so tense.  I am due to pick up all the new drive with the data that was recovered this afternoon.  At that point I will exhale.  I have been a mess to say the least!

Also I have been CRAZY busy with Emily Melson Photography!!  I have a whopping 7 shoots this weekend and three more next weekend to round out the “Holiday” shooting season.  I am taking time off until after Christmas to re-group and give my shutter finger a rest! haha!  I ADORE my job more than I ever thought I would and am so grateful for all the blessings God has showered upon me because of this leap we took! 

Check back soon for test shots from my amazing new camera that I plan to order on Sunday!!  I am so giddy in such an ubber, geeky way! 

I will post Halloween pics at some point – it was a blast this year!

In the mean time, so as to not leave you without a peek at one of my darling babies – behold, my angel eyes, Colin!