Month: October 2008

Halloween costumes gone bad

 - by emaroo

So I haven’t had much luck with the Halloween costume this year.  I first ordered an adorable scarecrow costume.  When it arrived I realized that it was just enormous and that I didn’t have the time nor patience to alter it to make it work.  Besides that, as you can see in the attached picture, Jack was none too pleased to wear the hood anyway.  I decided it would go in the closet for next year.

So, we had to start the hunt for a replacement and being right before Halloween and seeing as I didn’t want to spend more money on something he would only wear once, I decided to try and find something that he could wear again.  He already has overalls, so I thought I could get a cute western shirt and make him a Cowboy.  So, into Gymboree I went to scavenge their sale racks.  I was in luck!  I found an adorable snap front western shirt with cowboys on it, a western vest and on the way out…the crowning glory…a cowboy hat!  The hat was huge, but so what!  It looks cute and he can wear it for a long time.

Tonight after his bath, I decided to put on just the vest and hat for fun and to see if he would even wear the hat.  Oh, he did…and then it hit.  Alan and I looked at each other and our jaws dropped.  At the same moment we realized that we had turned our sweet innocent baby boy not into any ‘ol Cowboy but into Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain!  It might not have been so bad with the shirt and overalls.  Of course, I had to take a picture.  He does seem much happier as a gay cowboy than as a scarecrow, though.

What have I done?

Fortunately it will be 68* at sundown tomorrow…so he will likely be too hot for the vest.  Maybe that will help.

Dawn of a new day…

 - by emaroo

I couldn’t wait to go to bed last night so that I could have a “do-over” on yesterday.  I woke up sick (again) so I called for a sub at work.  I thought I would have a nice day to just sleep and rest and get rid of this crud I have been suffering from.  Then Jack woke up with some of the scariest diarrhea I have ever seen so i kept him home with me.  Luckily he was in a pretty good mood most of the day.  Around 10am I wanted to get out of the house (knowing I was pressing my luck with Jack and the possibility of an explosion in public…but thankfully for cloth diapers, it stays very well contained!) so we went to Target.  As I was walking in to Target my phone rings…it is my mom.  She tells me that my Great Uncle Jimmy died in his sleep of a heart attack Tuesday night.  That hit hard, but knowing that he went in his sleep and that he had lived a great life really helped.  His 2nd great-grandbaby is being born as I type.  His service is tomorrow and there is just no way I can go with all that is going on right now.  My mom, sister and cousin are going, though.

Anyway…so after Jack NOT napping all afternoon I needed to run to the drugstore.  On the way home I was driving down Coit road approaching Arapaho and turned around for just a second to hand something to Jack.  When I turned back around the car in front of me was stopped and I wasn’t!  So, I smashed into the back of her.  Luckily, I could not have hit a nicer lady!!  When she saw I had a kid in the car she immediatly ran over to make sure he was ok.  Her first thought (and mine too, of course) was on Jack…and I am so grateful for that.  She was so sweet about it and said she had a two year old at home too…so she gets the distractions.  She even called me later that night to make sure we were ok.  We ARE all ok.  Jack was pretty scared at first, but calmed down.  I am sore today in my neck and shoulders…but that’s what Alan is for!! haha.  He has really gotten good at the back rubs!

I was able to drive home but my poor car looks pretty bad.  Praise God for insurance!  It is all fixable.

Jack was still not well this morning so Alan stayed home with him allowing me to get back to work.  So far…it has been a pretty good day!!

How ’bout them Cowboys?

 - by emaroo

Well, I wish that was worth yelling after last Sunday’s Cowboys game…but needless to say, even though they won…it wasn’t the most exciting of games.  None the less…we had a great time!  Steve and Angie, Alan’s cousins, came over from Shreveport to go.  They brought their two little adorable fireballs, Grace and Graham, who entertained Jack quite well while we went to the game.  Sadly this will be the last time we will ever see a game at Texas Stadium since “Jerry World” will be opening next season.  Tickets there are likely going to be prohibitively expensive so we had to enjoy the “Boys” in person while we could.

A budding photographer

 - by emaroo

Well, if you hadn’t noticed…I like to take a few pictures.  I guess Jack has finally picked up on that.  The other day, all on his own he picked up this little wooden block with 2 holes in it and held it up to his face and started saying “pitcher, pitcher.”  Jack was looking through the holes like a viewfinder and clicking the top of it like a camera.  It just cracked me up!  Now when we ask him to get his “camera” that is the first thing he runs to.


 - by emaroo

Over the last couple of days out little family has experienced two milestones.  The first is that Jack is now sleeping in his “big boy bed!”  Frankly, I hadn’t even thought about when or how we would transition him from his crib but I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it.  This past weekend we had some family stay with us (that’s another post) and we moved the crib out of Jack’s room into ours so Alan’s cousins could sleep on the twin trundle beds in his room.  Well, when I moved the crib out I noticed how big Jack’s room is and decided that I was just not going to move it back in.

He has taken a few naps over at Juju’s house in a full size bed with no problem so we just did it.  I had a railing in the attic from my cousin that I attached to the edge of the bed.  He did so well!!  He didn’t even whimper.  I have found that with Jack I have to just do most things cold turkey; rip the band aide off so to speak.  With nursing (of course nursing itself was traumatic on both of us, sadly), bottles, pacifiers and now his crib…I just had to say “ok, we’re done with that” and for the most part…Jack has adjusted wonderfully.

The second milestone is really pretty funny.  Alan and I are both pretty sick with just the crud so we were both too tired to cook last night.  We went to dinner at a local favorite (and cheap) Mexican restaurant.  As anyone who has or had a 20 month old knows…going out to eat is often more stressful than staying at home.  Jack has the habit of waiting until we are in restaurants to scream at the top of his lungs for everything he wants, throw food all over the floor and table and just be a general, all around pill.  Well, he was relatively well behaved this time.  He still made a little mess, but since we are working on him using a spoon…the mess was lessened.  He was also very chatty with our server and flirted with almost everyone that walked by.

Anyway…none of that is the milestone. The milestone occured when our server came to us as we were leaving and said “By the way, my name is Mark and next time you come, ask for me and I will be your server.”  WHAT?  A server we didn’t totally scare off?  A server that WANTS my 20 month old as his customer?  YAY!!!  What progress we have made!!

ABC’s are sacred!

 - by emaroo

Jack’s favorite part of a meal, other than the food, is praying before we eat.  In fact if we aren’t fast enough he will remind us to pray everytime.  Usually, of course, Alan or I say the prayer.  Sometimes Jack likes to pretend that he is saying the prayer.  It is the most precious thing ever.  Well tonight Alan is working late and so Jack and I sat down to eat dinner together.  He reached his hand out and said “PAY” (pray) and so I prayed.  He again said “PAY” so I asked him to pray this time.  He closed his eyes and sang the entire ABC song and then opened his eyes and said “AMEN!”  Thank GOD for the ABC’s!

Random tidbits

 - by emaroo

Cute kid of the day:

Last winter we were able to get Jack to wear a hat and he had no real issues with it but since he hasn’t really worn one in a while, he protested greatly whenever we would put one lately.  However, lately he has been obsessed with the idea of a hat and will make just about anything into a hat.  “Pooh hat”, “doggie hat”, “juice hat”, “shoe hat”, etc.  He does this by simply putting the thing on his head and proclaiming that it is a hat.  He has started enjoying wearing our hats too.  Because I love hats on kids, I bought Jack the above hat over the summer hoping he could wear it this winter.  Jack would have NONE of it until today.  He actually picked it up, brought it to me and asked for me to put it on him.  He would wear it for a few minutes at a time…so I hope by winter we might actually be able to keep his head warm!

Here he is wearing my Austin, TX hat the other day while checking out his Facebook account! haha!

Potty training:

We have made some progress.  Jack now tells me when he has indeed pooped and I keep telling him to tell me before he poops.  Today he was in the bath and looked at me and said “poo poo”.  I asked him if he needed to go and he said yes so I finished bathing him and swiftly put him on the potty where he had great fun grunting and making faces indicating that he might be pooping, when in fact he was just toying with Mommy.  Oh well…


This morning, being Saturday, my dear husband let me sleep in a little and made breakfast tacos.  I fixed 2 for myself and went to plop down in our comfy leather chair to eat them (formalities go out the window on Saturday mornings).  Jack decided that he wanted to cuddle up next to me in the chair to share and since his eating habits have been lacking a bit lately, I was happy for him to have as much as he wanted.  He ended up eating almost an entire breakfast taco with eggs, potatoes, cheese and even salsa…and don’t forget the tortilla!  At one point he looked up at me, egg etc. all over his face and said “Mamma, love you!”  I looked at Alan, who heard it too and just couldn’t help but cry.  This was the first time he had said that to me unprompted.  What love fills his heart!

Deal of the day:

After breakfast (and before TX/OU…heaven forbid we miss a second of that game! haha) we went for a walk in our neighborhood.  There were several garage sales going on…as usual.  At one we bought a double trailer that goes on the back of a bike, to hold both kiddos one day, for a whopping $10!!!  Those things are more than 10 times that much new.  It was missing one part that we can just go to the local bike shop and have replaced.  At another I found a Old Navy rugby shirt for $0.50…well worth it!