Month: August 2009

Small Blog World

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It is always fun to hear from people who read my blog.  I actually get a bit shy, which is ridiculous because I have all this out there for the world to read but when someone mentions it, I just want to sulk away.  I know – it’s silly.  Anyway, today was actually different.  A blog reader whom I have never met, but is a friend of a friend, emailed me to tell me that she had read my blog post today about Colin’s tummy time.  She noticed that her son (who is a couple of months older that C) and Colin were wearing the same outfit and lounging on the same B*ppy cover today.  It was cute!  Thanks for the picture, Amber, it brightened my day!


Mama’s little helper

 - by emaroo

We recently had a new front door installed and when it came to painting, there was no getting through it without my biggest fan helping me out!


Then, what better way to wash off all the paint than in the wading pool!





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I have got to start blogging more of Jack’s little sayings that just crack me up because I always forget them later. 

Just now he walked in to me and said “People live on the Earth, Mama – yeah they do!” and then he ran off. 

I’d say most people I know live on the earth – but not everyone!  You know who you are!

God’s little miracles

 - by emaroo

I know I promised to blog more about day to day goings on and after having a wonderful morning with my kiddos, I thought it the right time. 

Alan and the boys let me sleep in until about 8am (miracle #1), which was amazing and after Alan left for work and I fed Colin, Jack and I had fun with puzzles!  He has these word puzzles that you have to match the letters (puzzle pieces) that spell out what the pictures are on the blocks.  This is the most attentive and diligent he has been with this one.  He matched up all 6 words with all the right letters that fit in like puzzle pieces and then we spelled out each one!  What is cooler is that he has always been really good at identifying his upper case letters, but this has all lower case and he was awesome at identifying those too! (M #2) After that he wanted to pull out every puzzle he has, of course. 

Then of course baby C needed some attention!  He is just like this brother in that he HATES tummy time!!  I mean, HATES it!  As a result, we have to be creative in how we trick him into doing it.  Sometimes laying him on my chest works for a little while, but he almost always fugures out that we are trying to give him a work out and he fusses.  Today I propped him up on the B*ppy pillow and he did a great job holding his little neck up for a while! (M #3)


And after all that work, Colin needed some comfort from Big Brother! (M #4)


Life is so hard!

At that point we were nearing on 10am, when Colin usually takes a nap so I took him in his room and put him down in the crib.  A little while later Jack came to me and asked “Mommy, can I go take a rest in my bed?”  CAN YOU?  Jack normally naps around noon and usually it is none too soon!  So, right now both of my precious boys are sleeping peacefully in their room, together!  And it isn’t even lunch time!  (M #5)

Life is full of Miracles!

I can’t get enough!!

 - by emaroo

I just can’t seem to get enough of these amazing boys I have!  I was looking through some old video footage we have of Jack from the Christmas before he turned 2 and was floored by how much he has changed and grown since then.  It reminded me that I really need to stay on top of the videos!  We are terrible about doing anything with them after we shoot them, but I am ok with that as long as I know we have them!  As a result when Jack was napping yesterday I shot some video of my smiley, cooing Colin.  Since it is 4+ minutes of me singing and Colin drooling and smiling, I am not sure you would find it too interesting, but I am glad I have it none the less. 

What I can share with you are pictures, though!  Colin turned 3 months old this past Sunday and Jack has officially hit the 2 1/2 mark!  Half way through the terrible twos!!  YIPEE!  Then on to the terrifying threes, but we will deal with that when we get there! 

I realize that I don’t talk much about day to day stuff on this blog – probably because I rarely have time to sit down and blog on a regular basis so my entries end up being more about pictures and general happenings.  I will try and improve in that arena.  Right now, Jack is contentidly playing with his trains and Colin is napping, so nothing too exciting except that I DO have a couple of free moments! Our summer weekly schedule has been: Monday is lazy day!  If we get out of our jammies, we are lucky.  We MIGHT get laundry done, but mostly it is our day to veg and play outside.  Tuesdays we have had MDO for Jack and Wednesdays we usually head to the moms group at my church for a couple of hours of Mommy time while Jack plays away in the nursery and Colin either sleeps or nurses.  Thursdays are usually the day I make any appointments that we might have and Fridays Jack usually spends with his Juju giving Colin and I some good one on one time! 

Starting in a couple of weeks Jack will start two day a week preschool!  I am so excited for him (and me).  They have music classes, computer time, daily chapel – it is just an awesome place!  That will also free up a little more time for me to edit photo sessions and chill with Colin.

Now you see why I don’t blog much aobut our daily comings and goings – there isn’t much to talk about! HAHA!  We have fun, though!  Jack is a dear sweet boy that loves his family, friends and God!  If you ask him where God lives, his usual response is “in my heart”.  What an angel!  He also will tell you that God loves him “no matter what!”  Multiple times a day I will get an unexpected and enthusiastic hug, kiss and “I love you, Mama” from him and I have to tell you that it makes every trouble in the world melt away!

Colin is the most chill 3 month old I have ever known.  He just goes with the flow and melts hearts all around him with his HUGE smiles.  Jesus just SHINES from him through those gummy, drooly grins!!  I LOVE IT!  He is certainly more of a cuddly, Mama’s boy than Jack.  That might be because I am trying to soak in all the baby I can in case I let Alan win and not have another (hehe), who knows!  As a result I do carry him more than I did Jack, but at least I have many contracptions to do that with!

Ok, on to the pics!  I love you boys!







Bittersweet, but mostly sweet

 - by emaroo

So all of my teacher friends have all gone back to work today to get ready for school to start next week and I have not. 

**Disclaimer: Please understand that I know I am doing the best job in the world, but I still have mixed feelings about leaving a job I love.**

Being a teacher is much like being a mother in the sense that I don’t do it out of obligation or because it is a “job” I do it because I LOVE it.  I don’t think I realized until now how much my identity was tied to being that “teacher”; probably as much as it is tied to me being a wife and mother.  I miss it, I really do.  I miss the kids, my fellow teachers, the energy, the fun – I miss it!   I am mourning the loss of one of the coolest jobs ever!

There is a bright side – this is my new job!


This kid never stops smiling!

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I swear Colin is simply the happiest child I have ever known.  He is always so smiley and down right edible!  He doesn’t even wake up crying.  I can look over into his bassinet while still laying in the bed in the morning and just say his name and he will smile ear to ear just hearing my (or Alan’s) voice.  Man alive, I adore him!!  Alan has gotten pretty darn close to a belly laugh out of him on more than one occasion too.





Hill Country – Take me away!

 - by emaroo

Alan and decided to take a little mini get-away recently to the Texas Hill Country.  We just love it down in central Texas and since we couldn’t afford a full blown family vacation this summer we thought it would make for a relaxing weekend for us.

Of course, Colin joined us given that I am his “Dairy Queen” these days but Jack got to spend a fun-filled weekend with his Papa and Juju.

Mama and her two babies just before hitting the road.  Notice how broken up Jack looks about us leaving! LOL!


Daddy and Colin chilling on our bed in the little “Sunday House” that we rented for the weekend.  It was charmingly rustic, while still being clean and having all the amenities of a hotel room – and more, really.  There was a huge garden tub too (which I fell asleep in the second night after a weekend full of walking)!


We had dinner the first night at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm and let me tell you it was the best (and probably most expensive) food I have ever had in my entire life!  And the courses – there were seven courses!  They just kept bringing out food that was truly to die for!  What a treat!  We also had wonderful wine from the local Becker Vineyard.  (We later had to stop by the vineyard and buy a few bottles to bring home, of course!)



The room with the windows was where we sat.  We could look out on 3 sides and see gardens – how relaxing!  Colin just snoozed right through, too!


This sign pretty much sums up our attitude towards food this weekend! haha!  We indulged to say the least, but it was so worth it!


After a very relaxing night’s sleep we woke up to the sounds of roosters crowing and birds chirping – it was blissful!  We could open our patio doors and let in a cool breeze and listen to the sounds of nature.  While Alan showered, I relaxed in bed and nursed Colin while taking in God’s beautiful creation!  I cannot remember starting a day off any better way!


The front porch


After we finally got going we strolled up and down Main Street in Frederickburg and bought a couple cute things.



Afterward, my amazing husband surprised me with a trip to a local spa for a massage!  HEAVEN!  While he waited he and Colin headed to the top of  “Cross Mountain” to check out the views.



That afternoon we took a little drive and ended up in Lukenbach, Texas – home of the famous dance hall that has seen the likes of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson!  I believe Alan said it is the smallest town in Texas with a population that has boomed to a whole 3 people!



Even better than a baby in a bar, a baby and a beer!


I just had a take a pic of this!  Reminds me of the bumper sticker that was given to me by my dear friend Kari that read “Save a cow, eat a vegetarian!”


Sleepy Cowbaby


Our last morning we got up and drove into Austin for a couple of hours and had brunch at our other fav restaurant, Eastside Cafe.  We had a much needed and super relaxing weekend!



We were, of course, anxious to get home to Jack and all of his hugs and kisses – but truly enjoyed a little “quiet time”!

Thank you, Alan, for planning the perfect trip for us!  You have such a nack for picking out the perfect places to go and the PERFECT food!  I love and appreciate the thought and care you put into our vacations – I  know we will have many more fun times to come!