Month: August 2008

We got the pox!

 - by emaroo

At least we know why Jack has been so feverish and grumpy lately…he’s got chicken pox.  I am just glad we can get it over with now and have a good immunity for life! 

My only concern is actually for me…see, I am not 100% sure that I have ever had it.  Everyone *thinks* I have…but even the doctor wasn’t sure because of the nature of my rash.  So far, so good, though…

I am just glad I know that there isn’t an infection he is fighting and we can treat this pesky fever so will feel good.  Right now, after a good dose of Motrin he is happy as a clam!  You’d never know anything was wrong. 


Misery loves company…

 - by emaroo

At least I think it helps in this case. 

Poor Jack has been suffering from a high fever most of the day.  He was fine and in good spirits when he and Daddy got back from their bike ride but around 10am things started going downhill.  We can’t figure out what is wrong but he has hovered around 103 no matter what we do.  I am ok with a fever up to about 102 or so because I know that it is productive and Jack’s little body fighting back what ever is attacking him…but 103 starts to get into my danger zone.   We have alternated between baby Tylenol and some homeopathics all day and he will have bursts of energy where he laughs and seems better but then quickly he is miserable again.  When he was first warm I chalked it up to his teething…but this is a bit much.  He has no other symptoms other than general discomfort and the fever. 

He even passed out on the couch which he has never done.  Poor guy!

Answered prayer and morning coffee

 - by emaroo

Awww…the weekend.  I don’t think I ever appreciated the weekends over the summer the way I do now that I am working again.  Alan…sweet wonderful Alan, let me sleep in (Jack woke up at 6:30am) and then they both woke me at 8:30 with lots of kisses to tell me they were leaving on a bike ride.  So here I am enjoying my morning coffee in my favorite purple iris mug (not the stainless steel travel mug in the car on the way to work) and listening the silence of the house.  Thank you, Lord, for silence!

Our answered prayer is about Jack’s childcare issue for the 5 weeks that our sitter is taking off to have and care for her baby.  I asked just about every body I know, and many I don’t, for advice, guidance and prayers about where to take Jack during that time.  My sister was our original plan, but she was hired as a full-time nanny of a 2 month old baby girl.  After much prayer our wonderful friend Judith suggested the same MDO that she takes her boys to.  I went and toured it yesterday, talked with the director and was SOOOO pleased!  He will have to do the extended day program in the mornings and a couple afternoons based on who can pick him up…but I really think this is going to work.  Judith even offered to pick Jack up for us 2 days a week when she gets her boys so I don’t have to leave work early.  What a blessing!!!  It is all falling into place.  This whole process was a real test of my ability to release my cares over to God.  I really didn’t stress because I knew that would only make it harder.  I trusted that He would provide for us and we have found the perfect situation!

This place even takes their toddlers to a computer lab for a little bit each day! How cool is that??  They also have daily chapel with all the kids.  It just warms my heart!

The other cool thing is that I was concerned that they might not be on board with using his cloth diapers (which I was willing to concede for the 5 weeks) but I showed one to the director and before I could even finish explaining how easy it is and how similar it is to a disposable she said “oh, wow…that’s not a problem.  What a great idea!”  YAY!

I am now going to go sit on my silent couch with my silent coffee and enjoy my silent house before the boys get back.

He did it!!!!

 - by emaroo

As much as I would have loved to have potty trained Jack over the summer…he just wasn’t ready.  He would sit on the potty with a diaper on but as soon as I would put him on it naked he would cry and immediatly want off.

However, over the last couple of days he has had a killer diaper rash.  I think it is because of the teething but it is bad and I think a little painful.  As a result I have been leaving him diaperless, in a prefold or cotton training pant to let him air out.  Because of that he has noticed the wetness much more and has become obsessed with his potty.  He goes around the house saying “tee tee, potty” and pointing to all the potties in the house, including his two.  So, today at Amba’s after his nap she put him on the potty and said he sat there diaperless for about 10 minutes without crying or objecting and low and behold he POTTIED!!  Amba said that all the kids that she has watched have all had their first potty with her.  That is a milestone I will concede to her…haha!  So, now that I know that he is ready…I am SOO ready!

This evening I left him diaperless for a while to see what he would do and the following pictures show it best.

He decided to entertain both of us with some tunes on the piano while he sat.

YAY Jack!!


 - by emaroo

Man, if banging the “you know what” out of his face weren’t bad enough Jack has been a teething mess lately.  He is cutting at least 5 teeth.  He sees his teething tablets and literally cries for them.  Poor baby!

His first shiner is getting much better…although it always looks worse before it gets better.

Despite the misery…Jack somehow remains the most adorable and precious angel I know!

First week…

 - by emaroo

Well my first days of school stories aren’t as cute as some of my friends with kids going into kindergarten or first grade…but us teachers have to make a big transition too.  I think waking up at 5am is the hardest!

The biggest difference this year is that I teach 6 art classes in a row, with only a short break to inhale lunch.  Last year we had our regular conference period and then our professional development period to break up the day but seeing as money is always tight and I don’t teach a course that is on the TAKS test (oops, did I say that?), the district took away the PD period for us unimportant, err, I mean, “elective” teachers.  It does suck, but I was spoiled last year…so I guess I have to take the good with the bad.  My feet are barely attached to my legs by the end of the day, for sure!

So far my kids are wonderful, as usual.  Sure, I have the normal talkative ones, football players that think art is silly but know they need a fine art credit to graduate, girls that look at themselves in the mirror more than the work they have to do…but for the most part, my kids are polite, respectful and willing to work.  Of course, it is still the first week and we haven’t seen their true colors yet. 

So, I am tired, dazed and miss my boy!  By they way, Jack is cutting at least 5 teeth right now so our evenings are not as pleasent as I would hope them to be.  He is excited to see me when I pick him up which is nice.  Amba says he is learning my knock so as soon as I knock on her door he starts saying “mama, mama!”

more later…

Uh, oh…

 - by emaroo

This is what happens when Jack’s cheek collides with the metal corner of a bed frame…ouch!  I think the ice ticked him off more than the impact, though.  Lots of kisses to Jack!