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YIKES!  Life lately has been crazy – painful – stressful but still at times relaxing and laughter filled.  That’s just life these days.  I feel like I should make all the “milestones” separate posts out of fairness to my kiddos – but well, life just isn’t fair now is it?

Since this is my blog – and I am throwing fairness out the window – we’ll start with me!   About a month ago I woke up and couldn’t walk, literally.  I was in horrible pain – yes, the worst pain of my life (and don’t make me remind you that I have had two drug free labors and one totally drug free birth).  It hurt THAT bad.  My lower back was so inflamed that I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.  All I could do was lay on ice and heat alternatively.  After  a couple of days of that and massive quantities of NSAIDs I was finally able to drag my aching butt of the chiropractor.  Even the slightest adjustment sent me into major spasms.  He gave me some enzymes to relieve inflammation and natural muscle relaxers and told me to rest for a few days – still alternating the ice and heat.  After about 3 or 4 weeks of regular visits to him and some moderate back exercises (and copious amounts of wine), I am up and moving again but I had to start doing something on a regular basis to strengthen the deteriorating muscles in my lower back (I have actually been diagnosed with some degenerative muscle disease, but I forget the same) so bring back the yoga!  I FINALLY joined a GYM!  ME – a GYM!  I will be the first to tell you how much I despise exercise.  I mean I hate it!  I hate to sweat - I hate to feel my out of shape muscles straining – ugh.  It is awful, but this not being able to walk thing or take care of my kids is really worse. WAY worse.  Luckily I know an amazing, I mean AMAZING woman named Heather who teaches yoga and my kind of yoga!  She has been heavier before and I think she really gets real people with real bodies and is so great about explaining things and helping me work with my body.  I just love her.  In fact – the first time I took her class she did the whole – “I know I know you from somewhere” and I said “It has to be Denton, because everyone from Denton knows everyone else.”  Sure enough – she was friends with my sister and we all worked at the same bookstore from time to time in college.  Man, does God know me!  He totally gets that I need to have some amount of familiarity in situations like this and He gave me Heather!  THANK YOU!  Please don’t laugh – and if you don’t know me well, you might – if you DO know me, you will get this – but I am PAINFULLY shy.  I mean in the worst way and I fight it everyday so having Heather there as a familiar face, makes me WANT to go to her class and stick my fat ass up in the air.  Please pray that I stick to this and remain dedicated and focused.  Otherwise Alan might be really pissed with the monthly fees coming out of our bank account.  (not really – he just works so hard to be a good steward of the income that God blesses us with and I thank him for that!)

Ok – on to the first milestone that was skipped during my blogging break – Jack starting 3 year old preschool!  Drop off was much easier this year than last!  He is just becoming so mature and sure of himself – is it both heartwarming and heartbreaking.  Love you, my man!


I couldn’t help but post this next pic of the sweet brothers.  They are really starting to play together more instead of just near each other.  Of course with that also comes more fighting over toys but I am glad that Jack is learning to share his home space and Colin is learning to stand up for himself!


We’re so proud of you, Jack!  Even when you’re Mr. Sassy Pants.  You are still quite obsessed with trains and cars but now you LOVE to crash, smash, explode or otherwise destroy them.  You love to read and are getting much better at sounding out words when you and Daddy read at night.  You’ll ask a MILLION questions but they are often about things you remembered from days, weeks or even a month ago and we have to jog our memories to figure out what on earth you are talking about.  Mommy and Daddy will never get tired of you walking up to us randomly and saying, in the sweetest voice, “I love you”.  You have recently discovered “The Beatles” and have to listen to the “Beatles 1″ CD almost nightly.  Oh, and Mommy’s favorite thing you do – you sing CONSTANTLY!  You will be playing with toys – crashing  cars – making trains “plunge into the ravine” or imploding Texas Stadium and you will turn any activity into a song.  They are usually songs you have learned already and you just change the words to match your current actions.  When you aren’t changing the words, you are singing about God and THAT could not make me prouder! 


Ok, now on to the baby boy in the house!  Well, baby only by birth order because Colin is NO baby!  He is a WALKING and TALKING big boy!!


This past weekend we drove over to Shreveport to visit with some family and Colin was apparently saving up all his walking for his Great-Granmom and Great-Pawpaw!  I am so happy that they got to witness this exciting milestone. 


GO, Colin, GO!  You are just changing and growing daily!  You are rarely without a smile on your face and hugs and kisses are plentiful!  You truly make my heart swell every time I pick you up and kiss your hot head.  I never thought I could possibly love another child as much as I love my first born – but you have carved out a nice spot in my heart right next to him.  You are talking up a storm too.  All of a sudden 16 months of us talking, signing and singing to you have started pouring out of you.  You now say and sign “please” or “eeeeees”, “MO” for “more”.  When you see another child even close to you in age – even when a little older – you will point and say “baby!”  You have finally and consistently gotten “Mama” down and will now say “JA” when pointing to Jack.  “Bye-bye” is said in the CUTEST high pitched soft tone as are most words you say.  You will “mooo” for a cow and “baaaaaa” for a sheep.  The other day you crawled right over to me and said your first sentence ever, “Mama, poo-poo di-pa”.  No, I will never let you forget that this was your very first sentence.  He now informs me each time he has a “poo-poo” in his di-pa.  Very cute – but also stinky! 


You make me want to have five more like you.


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