Another fantastic fourth!

 - by emaroo

Yes, I am desperately behind on this poor blog again.  Summer has been busier that I expected with both photography and chasing after the boys!  I’ll update with mostly pics since that is what I know best!

We started out our 4th of July with Red, White and Blue pancakes prepared by the amazing Alan! 


Next, I had a hankering to do something very “4th-y” since I hadn’t really been feeling it this year.  This is my second favorite holiday and I was just not in the “holiday spirit”.  We looked online and found a good old fashioned, small town parade in old downtown McKinney – a northern suburb.  It was so cute and quaint.  Despite Jack’s grumpy – “leave me alone” face, he had a really great time and still talks about it!




Later that evening we met back up with our friends – the Schultzes and had a refreshing time in their pool.  They had a 3rd of July party the night before which we went to, but again, I was in a funk so we went back over with pizza in hand on the 4th to relax!  We did see fireworks both nights but sadly they were from afar.  We still had great views but it just wasn’t the same as being right under them and feeling the rattle of the BOOM in your head.  Next year for sure! 


On the 5th we ventured over to my cousin’s new house and enjoyed their community pool.  It has a great 6 inch inclined area as you get in so Jack was super comfortable since he could be in the pool without being held.  I have GOT to get that kid in swimming lessons, pronto!  I just wish I had more options for watching Colin so I can take him.  Oh well – I just really need to make it a priority.  Now that he will be in the pool for a little while without SCREAMING his head off – I think we can start to get him swimming.  I am more concerned with him knowing how to save his own life should he need to than actually swimming at this point. 


YAY for summer!

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