I’ve created a monster!

 - by emaroo

If you haven’t noticed – I take a “few” pics of my kids. Problem is – Jack is now convinced that each and every moment of his life is captured on “film”, regardless of whether or not I have a camera in my hand. 

I often get very random requests to see pictures of various events throughout the day that I have simply not captured.  For example, “Mommy, show me the picture where you bonked my head with the car door.” or “Mommy, show me the picture where Colin was crying and I gave him his toy and made him happy again.”  Nope – didn’t happen to take pictures of those momentous occasions – sorry Jack!

Yesterday, Jack and I were having fun with Lincoln Logs and built this fine log cabin.  Being proud of my, er, OUR craftsmanship I took a picture.


Here we have the MONSTER Jack surveying his kingdom.


So today Jack comes running in – again, randomly, to ask: “Mommy, show me the picture where I SMASHED my log cabin!”  Sorry Jack – yet again, I must disappoint you because I did not capture that momentous event in your life. 

I really should take more pictures.  ;)

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