Em and I are back on the chain gang this week after nearly 10 days of blissful R&R (and some housework, of course). I like my job, but it is very difficult to work up the strength to go back after having more than a week where I didn't have to think about it.

We began our spring break with a celebratory breakfast feast at one of our favorite establishments, and then used the first two days of vacation to catch up on sleep, get some cleaning and shopping done and pack for our trip.

Sunday, we headed out fairly early and trekked down I-35 to San Antonio, where we spent several hours at the Mercado and picked up some fantabulous goods, had some delicious Tex-Mex with some old friends at the fine El Chaparral in Helotes, and crashed early at our super-deluxe hotel (which offers really inexpensive Internet deals, by the way).

Monday, we slept in a bit, had breakfast at Denny's (which was unremarkable except for the pancakes, which were quite possibly the best I have ever had) and struck out on the road once again up I-10. In barely an hour we had reached our destination of Fredericksburg, then immediately drove out of town a little ways to visit Wild Seed Farms, where Emily picked up some plants and wildflower seeds for our yard.

Back in town, we hit up a bunch of shops, drooled over very cool home furnishings currently out of our budget, sampled and bought some great Texas wine, and had an awesome lunch out on the patio at a little cantina. The weather could not have been better - 70 degrees, light breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. That was probably one of the best things about getting away overall, since we've had dreary, fluctuating rain and wind here at home lately.

We left after lunch and headed up picturesque Highway 16, passing by Enchanted Rock and the surrounding rolling countryside. Nearing the quaint burg of Llano, the car developed a strange vibration, and at about a mile outside town the front left tire blew and we hobbled off to the side of the road. Luckily, we got the spare on quickly and drove into town, where the lone tire shop gladly took our money and got us a new tire (and three new wheel studs, which came as a surprise). After that, eager to get back home, we zipped up 281 through Hamilton and Glen Rose back to Dallas. All in all, a great trip, though too damn short.

After taking another day or two to get some light housework done (cleaning, painting, gardening) we pulled up the remaining old carpet in the master bedroom and then got new carpet installed in the hallway. As it stands now, the two bedrooms have exposed hardwoods which are in need of refinishing but can stand to wait a little longer until that's financially possible. Em loves the new hall carpet so much that she now thinks it would work well in the bedrooms too; I still prefer hardwoods, but we'll see what happens. Either way, the hall needed carpet - with the foot traffic and condition of the hardwoods there it would have been too much trouble to try and rehab the floor itself.

This past weekend kept us super-busy. Friday night I played DJ for the wedding of Spree trombonist James and his lovely British bride Emma at Lake Grapevine's picturesque Paradise Cove. It was a little intimidating having to come up with four hours of music for a crowd that included a number of musicians and others well-versed in music, but everything went well and everyone seemed to have a great time. Saturday night I hauled my gear to Arlington for Chip'n'Chand's engagement party, but this time I was merely a guest because Chip planned a very solid playlist for DJ Powerbook and his lovely assistant iTunes. It was truly great to see so many friends I hadn't seen in months at both events. Sunday morning, I had a 6 a.m. call to play in a brass quintet for four Easter services, which also went swimmingly and reminded me (as they always do) that I need to play more often. Sunday afternoon after brunch with the family we headed back home and slept like the dead as we prepared for an unwelcome return to the working world.

In other news, I turn 27 this week, so on Friday Em is taking me out for what is supposed to be the mother of all steaks. I am excited about this venture, having never been to a steak establishment any nicer than Steak and Ale or Saltgrass, but my appreciation for her gesture is magnified by the fact that she's a vegetarian so it's basically like venturing into enemy territory for her :)

I did get one of my birthday presents early since I was able to use it for this past weekend's festivities, and let me tell ya, they are about the best you can buy for the money.


Ok, it's Friday...it cant be that bad, can it? We had Open House last night...huge waste of time. 10 school days until Spring Break...it cant come fast enough.

I know I have been compaining a lot lately...it has been rough. Good news tho...Alan's schedule changed a little, so he will now be HOME on Sunday nights! He will have to work for a little while...but he will be home! Some of our freedom on Friday nights is gone because he will have to put in a few hours from home that night too, but I will put up with that.

This weekend doesnt have a lot in store for us, I think. Time together is always good tho. I am taking my wedding dress to be cleaned and preserved this weekend. I am a little sad because that means I can't take it out of it's box ever again unless someone wants to wear it. I could just have it cleaned, but then I run the risk of it yellowing or moths getting to it etc. Alan got 2 tickets to Dallas Blooms...depending on the weather, we might do that too. I could see us getting another wild hair and ripping up the carpet in the guest room as well. That will require actual work in moving furniture etc...so we will see what my back can handle. After this week my back is so tense, it may not be a good idea. I have contacted an old friend that used to be the tech teacher at my school about helping us refinish the floors. He has a construction business and from what I hear is very good.

I am just excited because not long after we refinish the floors I will be able to take a trip up the road to one of my favorite retail stores to shop for rugs!! MOre later...backto weaving with my kids. I wish I had this class all day...


It just gets worse everyday...I dont get paid enough for these idiots to make me feel like I do. I am beat down. They are the most disrespectful assholes I have ever come across. Their parents stand up for them, spoil them rotten...tell us it is all our fault for not instilling wisdom and morals...when that is their job. I told my principal today, I was either quitting or killing someone...I dont know what to do.

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