A belated Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah) to you, dear reader, and best wishes for a happy 2005.

Our first Christmas at the joint Melson household was a good one. Among the gifts included a very cool photo printer which has already been put to great use, a new toy for Alan to play with, and some bling for Em. But most touching was a gift from my parents of the wedding portraits of both sets of grandparents (well-made copies, of course) to add to our collection of family photography in the guest room.

I have several resolutions for 2005: Firstly, I am going to get back in shape (cliched, I know, but important). I have managed to keep all the weight I lost in late 2002 off for two years, but I still feel tired much of the time, and shapeless. If I can just tone up a little I'll be happy. I also want to update this blog more regularly, and expand the other areas of the site we haven't really done anything with since we started it nearly a year ago ('Projects', for example). More importantly, I want to ramp up my ambition a bit. Dunno what that will mean yet, but we'll see.

The fine folks at Amazon have launched a massive fundraising effort for the victims of last weekend's horrific tsunami. Stop by and give a little if you have the means.

I will end on a happy note, with this gorgeous new commercial for Honda, featuring a ditty by Garrison Keillor that you'll probably end up humming to yourself a couple days from now. Too bad only UK viewers get to see it on TV right now - though it's causing quite a brouhaha, apparently.


Well, it's been a while. I think a revamping of longwinded is in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

We're facing some big changes at work. Divisions are being reshuffled, and I should find out today who I'll be working for in a month. I'm not terribly excited about the process, and I'm worried about some changes that could be either positive or really negative as far as I'm concerned. I don't like change when it is coupled with a period of uncertainty; with it being three days before Christmas, there will be plenty of unknowns until the new year since so many bigwigs are already out the door for some time off. And to top it all off, I'm finally getting the crud that's been going around (which has plagued Emily on and off for three weeks now). I'm trying to beat it down with a strict regimen of cold/flu medicine, Vitamin C, Echinacea and lots of orange juice. I'm pulling 30 extra OT hours at work over the next week to fill spots of vacationing colleagues, so now is not the time to become ill.

I'm actually getting into the Christmas spirit this year, possibly due to the fact that I'm now sharing the holidays in a house with my wonderful wife instead of alone in my apartment as has been the case the last couple of years. I got together with some old musician buddies and played brass quintet arrangements of carols and other holiday fare between services at church last Sunday, and even busted out the Vince Guaraldi "Charlie Brown Christmas" disc (a highly worthwhile purchase, indeed) while doing some housework last night.

Mother Nature is supposed to bring it today (sub-freezing temps, a "wintry mix" of precipitation), so let's hope for some snow or ice. It's always more fun at work when that happens...


OKOKOK Erin, yes I KNOW we suck! Maybe that's why we havent posted...hehe. The thing is, I hate these blogs and Alan only reads them!

We got a psychotic new kitten and although he is adorable...he is truly the most INSANE cat I know. Thelma is really quiet and miserable. People laugh when I tell them how he tortures her, but it isnt funny. She is really wigged and I take the blame, I knew I shouldnt have caved into anna and taken this kitten. I was about to post a picture of the dumbest furball alive, but seems Alan has wiped the hard drive again and hasnt put the files back on the computer...(that really irritates me!).

I have 3 more days of work before a 2 week break. I hate my job...

WOW...I shoulnt post at 7am...I am an asshole at 7am. If i keep posting, I will be late for work. SO, this was nothing special...but I will tell Alan to keep up with HIS blog!

Smooches Erin...miss you!

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