...aaaaaaaaaand we're back.

What a whirlwind week. Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

- The rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding preps, wedding and reception went off with nary a hitch (save for an unfortunate hot-lather shave at the barber's before the wedding that sliced me up pretty good - but that's another story). The presence of family and close friends meant more to us than you'll ever know.

- The trip to Mexico was everything we expected it to be and more. Awesome places (in the true sense of the word), great people, and tasty beverages.

- We opened up the rest of the presents and are finally getting settled in to our home the way we want it, beginning our new life together exactly on our terms. It's a beautiful thing.

- We'll be posting our usual full gallery of pics from all events surrounding the wedding, but for now, via Ofoto, here's a gallery of pics from the honeymoon.

Now, a few links for you to ponder:

- Art-O-Mat (courtesy of The Ongoing Effort): What a sweet idea for an adaptive reuse project (that also brings art to the masses).

- Teachers booted from Bush rally: Again, regardless of your political leanings, this is just ludicrous - especially when they were GOP members who got tickets and had no intention of protesting (they were there in support of the president!) I have no idea why Bush/Cheney campaign officials thought this was a good idea...

- TripAdvisor: This site saved our you-know-whats on this trip. Great advice on nearly any hotel or vacation destination from people who have actually been there. Think of it as a Google for travel advice.


Here we are...my wedding day. I got about 4 1/2 hours sleep...too excited to sleep. We had the most amazing night last night. Alan's parents threw us the world's best rehearsal dinner. Full of laughing and crying...and lots of hugs! We have a great combined family and I am so blessed that they all embraced us the way that they have.

I really need to figure out some way to keep me from crying all day long.

A year and a half ago...I was sad, lonely and wondering if finding anyone to share my life with was even something I needed to care about. Then my sweet Alan showed up. I knew almost instantly that he was the one to change all of that. I am marying the most wonderful man I know.

So, here I go...no turning back now.

Alan...I love you...


Yes, it seems it might rain for most of our trip...but I am sure we can find good ways to keep ourselves busy right in our hotel room.

At the very least pray for clear skys on saturday! I want a beautiful, sunny wedding day...we'll see what we get!

I am so pissed I have to work today. I might just take the kids outside and tell them if they escape, make sure I am not looking...I wish!


Well, I'm back in vibrant, living technicolor after letting Em keep things going around here for a while.

After weeks of stress, some laughter, some tears, a couple heated arguments and a few misunderstandings that seemed major at the time but in retrospect are relatively minor, we are now roughly 54 hours away from the biggest event of our individual lives to date. It's an event that will begin our new life together as an entity. To put it simply, for those who aren't already aware, we're gettin' hitched.

At this point, the arrangements are set, the laundry is done, the house is (partially) clean, the bags are out and ready to be packed, and now all that's left are a day and a half of final errands and preparations (and one more day of school for Em). Tomorrow afternoon we run through everything, and then head to dinner to catch up with close friends and family.

At the request of my ├╝ber-boss, I wrote a column for one of our websites at work about the minutiae of getting ready to be married; I'm told that due to a backlog of content, it may not run for another week or two. Though it will be obsolete by then, the readers out in Webland will be none the wiser, so I guess I can accept that. As soon as it runs, I'll link to it here.

The honeymoon forecast for the Riviera Maya is holding steady at T-storms for the duration of our trip. Hoo-freaking-ray. I guess we'll be spending less time on the beach and out exploring, but no point in getting all upset about it. We're gonna have a blast no matter what happens :)

In closing, since I probably won't post again for a week or two, for all you intrepid readers of this blog, I wish you all the happiness we hope for as we begin this thing called (ahem) "mawwaige". See you on the other side...

Now playing: Way Out West live in Florida 9/27/04



Ok, that felt good. Anna is coming over the evening to help with all the last minute crap. I have been working on sub plans and grades here at school. People will start coming to town on Wednesday...this is really happening!

I think it is funny that everyone else has more time off than I do. I can only get Friday. Anna has the whole week...Alan has 3 days. I guess I will be making lots of TO-DO lists for everyone else...


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