Wow, it's a watershed day around the longwinded camp.  My last post on the Texas Republican Party's rather, uh, intolerant pronouncement generated TWO comments - and from opposing sides of the political spectrum to boot!  Keep up the good work, kids ;)

EDIT: Chip Von Ubentok has added a resounding third post in a (perhaps ill-fated?) attempt to continue the lively discourse on this highly-controversial subject.  We shall see if his efforts are fruitful.

I've been feeling poorly the past few days, but I finally think I turned a corner today and am on the road to recovery.  Ain't nothin' like the common cold to kick one squarely in the butt, though, and sap oneself of the energy to do much of anything.

Work on the house continues to progress nicely.  Em got her furniture moved over, so now it's just a matter of spending more time unpacking, cleaning and organizing ad infinitum.  It's a necessary evil, because without diligence what seems like a roomy house will fill up with clutter rather quickly.  Aside from a break to help the sis move into a new apartment this weekend, I'm gonna spend a lot of time sorting through boxes and adding to the garage sale pile (located, appropriately enough, in the garage).

We booked the honeymoon this week.  Come Oct. 10, we'll be jetting off for five relaxing days at the Sunscape Tulum resort near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   It was a very affordable package deal, but seems like the perfect getaway, allowing for ample time to chill but also affording a variety of activities (Mayan ruins, snorkeling, antiquing, etc.). 

I'm growing rather tired of the nasty partisan bickering that is in ample supply in these pre-election months, so I was overjoyed to see an equal-opportunity offender pop up this week and capture the hearts of web-savvy wonks like myself.  For the three of you who may not have seen it yet, may I present "This Land" by Jib Jab Media.

Current listenings:  Ein Deutsches Requiem, Johannes Brahms (Bayerischen Rundfunk/Sawallisch)


I promise I'll post more when I have time, but in the meantime, here's some food for thought.


Did you know that white satin latex paint smells just like granny smith apples??

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