Howdee all. Em has filled you in quite nicely on the house, although she fails to mention our seven-hour tussle with a ceiling fan. We spent a while re-mounting the ceiling box, only to screw up the wiring and then discover the fan motor did not work properly. After a trip to Home Depot and several attempts at changing the mount, we finally got it up and installed. It looks good, but still acts a bit funny. Oh well. Now, it's just a matter of sorting through and organizing what we've brought over, and trying to get Internet access up and running (I'll tell ya, after getting used to having DSL at home, it's very odd having no home access at all). Mad props to Em, Mimi, Bree and Colleen for all their painting...the place looks great. Now I just have to lease my old apartment, and all will be well.

That's about it from Alanland, so I will leave you with this link (culled from the erstwhile crabwalk.com): How to sell milk in Iceland.

I AM SO FREAKING SICK OF PAINTING!!! I think I am going to start peeing quacamole green before long if I have to look at another drop of that paint! YES, the results will be worth it...but AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how well I scrub, I ALWAYS have at least 3 smars of paint somwhere on my body and sometimes I am a little surprised as to where I find it! All this work and I dont even get to move into the house for another month...when I kick Alan out. (hehe)


Well, the house is coming along MUCH fast than I expected, thanks to some AWESOME people helping with all the painting! This weekend Alan moved almost all of his things in and is living there full time. Today we set up the office, so we now have one "livable" room. We were able to actually cook our first meal this afternoon. The kitchen is painted and the living room is coming along. When I left tonight, I had the worst feeling..."Why am I leaving my HOME to go back to that awful apartment??" That is what tempation does, I know! Alan and I are going to remain committed to not living in the house together until after the wedding. Many of you probably think we are strange for it...but we are not doing it for anyones approval or disapproval. This is something we are both passionate about and we hope to be blessed with the patience and will power to make it work!

Off to get more packing done!




I finally took the time to post some "before" pics of the house. Look, and enjoy. Once we close and are finished painting and moving in, I'll post a new set of "after" pictures.


Noah and his ark could pop up any day around these parts, what with all the rain. I just finished driving around a little after leaving work (I was wide awake and had a new Nick Warren mix to listen to), so I explored the Trinity River bottoms in far north Grand Prairie (just to the east of Lone Star Park). The power of water was on full display, cascading over roadways and completely flooding empty fields (not to mention roaring like rapids through the normally-trickling riverbed).

Dad and I had a great trip to Ohio last week, which afforded numerous opportunities for some pre-wedding father-son bonding time, and a chance to explore the haunts of my past. Check out the pictures.

We close on the house a week from tomorrow. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that everything goes off without a hitch.


I haven't posted in a month. I know, I know, I suck. So anyway...

It's been a crazy few weeks. Found a house (as Em noted earlier), jumped through all the necessary hoops, and now we are waiting to close in a few more weeks. The current owner moves out this Friday; she invited us over a couple days ago to meet all the neighbors and go over a few repairs they were making prior to moving out. Be excited, be very excited!

I leave tomorrow morning on a father-son excursion to Ohio. Why Ohio, you ask? Among our stops are my father's first newspaper gig (the Akron Beacon-Journal) where he plans to track down some of his old stories, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, and a tour of my old haunts in Columbus (where I lived from age 2 through 7). Should be fun.

HUGE storms blew through here last night. After a crazy night at work answering phones, listening to scanners and reading damage reports from out in the field and over the wire, I spent several hours just driving around. Most of East Dallas is still without power, including all of Lakewood, Forest Hills and the "M" Streets. It's very odd to drive down a pitch-black Greenville Avenue before dawn. Click here for some photos.

Oh, and how about this for an "awwwww" photo.

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