FINALLY!! 3rd time was the charm!!!!! Our offer was accepted on 602 Northill! Alan and I are almost home owners! We are closing in a little more than a month. There is a ton of painting to be done and then we hope to have our things moved in by August 1st.


I promise I will have a nice, lengthy post soon. In the meantime, how cool is this?

OK, I don't want to jinx anything...but I have a REALLY good feeling about a house that I saw on Friday in Canyon Creek in Richardson. WE have made an offer this weekend!!!!!!!! I can't believe I made an offer on a house! The neighborhood is beautiful...the house is adorable with very little cosmetic changes that need to be made. The yard is heavenly!!!!!!!!!! It has a beautiful deck! Again...not getting too excited (RIGHT). I am not going to post pics, because that would really jinx it...but trust me, it is totally charming.

In other news...I am scheduling my surgery for the first full week in July. That will give me time to still go to San Diego to see my cousin and her new baby for a few days after summer school.

In all this mess, I almost forgot I have a wedding to plan! There is only about 5 months left!!!!!!!

Alan and I are off to try a new church this morning...we are shopping around. I think on the menu for today is Canyon Creek Presby. in Richardson. I have never been one to really want my faith categorized into a denomination...but I will try it. I cant make it about the name...but how I feel when I leave there.

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