This has to be one of the coolest, smartest and most freaky guerilla marketing tactics ever. I tip my hat to Burger King - or their ad agency, anyway (although their current TV ads, though funny, are a bit too reminiscent of The Office).


I haven't posted in a while...cause I have been crazy busy and kinda feel like poop. Alan and I have been house hunting our butts off lately. Now it may all have been for nothing. I can't ignore my health and the pain I am in much longer. I am afraid that I may have to undergo another surgery this summer and the thought of planning a wedding, buying and moving into a house AND surgury on top of that...is just too much for me to think about. I am meeting with my doctor next week..I will see what she says, but it is pretty clear that my condition isn't getting any better. In fact horribly worse. I have tried to ignore this for some time...but I just can't hurt my chances of having kids any more that I already have. A house can wait...grrr. So, who is going to help move us twice in a year??


So, wow. It's been a LONG time since I last posted! Let me try and sum up.

It's been a busy month. Between working longer hours at work (nearly 50-hour weeks from now until mid-June to help solve a staffing issue), trying to find a house, and figuring out money stuff, I feel like I have little time to think. We do our first "tour of homes" with the realtor on Friday, so hopefully all will go well.

This past weekend Em and I drove to Shreveport to help celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday; all of my dad's brothers and sisters flew in and a good time was had by all (I should get the pictures posted soon).

I've got a few fun links to share now. As many of you know, I really hate the overdone throw-in-the-kitchen-sink look of the high-dollar new homes out in the boonies, and this site says more about them than I ever could. In contrast, check out this Mid-Century Modern appreciation site - Chip and Erin will like these, I think.

This weekend Em and I celebrate our first anniversary. Never would I have dreamed a year ago that I'd meet such an amazing individual, and that my life would have changed so much (in a good way) in twelve months. Here's to many more :)

In other great news, the Tipperary Inn re-opens after nearly a year's absence on May 1. Hooray!


Here ya go Erinroo...our white trash go-cart race, just for you!

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