As a trombone player, I salute this guy. (Thanks to Adam for sending me this)


Emaroo summed up the past weekend's events pretty well, so I won't rehash her post - but suffice to say we were pretty busy.

One of my doings that she didn't mention was my visit (with Jay) to the Lizard Lounge on Friday night for the Remember the Times event. The mighty Jeff K did an hour-long set of breaks and techno from the halcyon days of Edge Club (1991-93), including the awesome "Fruit of Love" by Transformer 2 - a record I had not heard in some time. LL is a pretty sweet club - good lights, good sound, nice decor, large and well-ventilated - and the crowd, though not huge, was having a good time. They've posted pictures of the event online - can you play Spot the Alan in this one?

In other news, late last week Preservation Dallas released their list of the most endangered buildings in our fair city. I agree with most of these decisions, particularly those in the downtown area. The former Statler Hilton (most recently the Dallas Grand Hotel), while not a beautiful building by most people's standards, represents an important era in our architectural heritage, and deserves to be rehabilitated into a new hotel or dwelling. It is right on the fringe of the rebirth that is enveloping the Main Street corridor around Neiman-Marcus, and having it be a functional structure once again could further the return of life to the CBD.

In other Big D news, our mayor has now taken issue with the many newspaper vending boxes scattered across downtown. Personally, I generally like Laura (Emaroo begs to differ), but this seems a bit far-fetched. I realize that she feels it's more proactive to tackle issues that our cash-strapped city can actually afford to fix, but I'm still waiting for the streets in my neighborhood to get fixed.

For your reading/viewing pleasure, this gem. I think this may have been set up, but still, having popped the question recently (with happier results, obviously) this hit a little close to home.


Hell of a week...(on top of the normal school crap that I have to put up with...)

I got some not-so-good news from my doctor about some tests that were done...so I have to do more and pray I am ok. I dont like waiting for info like this...but I am sure all will be well.

Alan found out that he is being moved to an even SUCKIER time slot at work...one where I will never see him. I am soooo NOT thrilled about that...but again, all will work itself out in the end. Paying his dues now will only (hopefully) mean a better situation down the line. I just hope it is sooner than later!

My friend Nicole had her second baby...we went and saw him today and he is just the sweetest little thing! I got Alan to hold him...he was a little shaky (Alan, not the baby) but he better get some practice...in a couple years...hehe.

We went to FW today to hang out at the ever exciting FW Home and Garden show! We had free tickets and, honestly, it was the best idea we had for how to spend a Saturday afternoon! ;) We did make a very important purchace! From what I hear this will be the last broom I will ever purchace!! I saw this thing on an infomercial years ago and since I have a moral dilema with buying things off TV...I didnt do it. But a guy with a headset and a catchy presentation at a Home and Garden show what just what I needed! PLUS, they were buy one get one free...I mean come on! MAN, I need a life!

Now I am relaxing at the computer while Alan cooks me dinner at his place...ahh, domesticicity is so sweet...his, not mine! Later I am going to make him mop his kitchen floor with his new broom/mop!

OHOH, I cant forget, we bought our champagne flutes for the wedding too!! They were freaking cheap! I wll just tell my mom they cost a fourtune and she will be happy!

I cant believe we have already spent about $3000 on this wedding...and we havent even been engaged a month! If anyone knows anything about me tho...its that I am a planner!! We have a great photographer! I really love her more "photojournalistic" approach. I would never be happy with the same 'ol cookie cutter crap you see so often. The only thing (besides our undying love and commitment...and even that might come and go, hehe) that will last from the wedding are the photographs and I want them to be fabulous!

Have a good one...later...


And now, this interlude, in which Shakespearean tragedy is reinterpreted by foul-mouthed, monochromatic denizens of the Internet gaming world. I present to you Tales of the L33T.


Wooh - big fire tonight in Uptown, at an old church off Oak Lawn. It was very close to Emaroo's mom's place - glad she is OK. Sad to see a church destroyed like that, though.

You know how a lot of people use those little smiley-face animated GIFs in their journals and forum posts?

Well, I don't. But if I did, this would be my favorite:

So, for now I'm signing off up in this hizzouse. Word.


This has been an interesting weekend. We had a very rare occurance here in Dallas...SNOW! Real, honest to God, snow...not ice, but 3-4" of snow! Click on the "Pictures" link at the top of the page to view the fun Alan and I had. After the snow angels and snowmen...mom and I went shopping for a wedding dress. I found it!! I feel like I have done something wrong...it was originally a $3000 dress and I only paid a whopping $99!! It is very pretty...I cant say much about it here tho.

Well, although the weather outside wasn't exactly frightful - at least by Texas standards - we did get some snow here in Big D over the weekend (about three inches, to be exact). Behold the pictures.

In other news, I am now going on Day Three without access to our publishing system on my main computer at work. I am using my video machine to publish stories, meaning I am swiveled around from my normal orientation, resulting in an uncomfortable neck strain (see picture below - the machine on the right is the one I am being forced to use). It doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is...

So anyway, bleah. I guess it's a minor problem in the grand scheme of things - I'm glad I'm happy and healthy, after all. Still, though, why does a piece of software work fine for three years and then suddenly decide to stop working on my machine?


How cool is this? If our future dwelling has hardwood floors, I will campaign to try this stuff in at least one room (perhaps the office). Of course, I may get voted down, but it's worth a shot...


Lend me some sugar...

Greetings all.

As Emaroo mentioned, we have booked a venue for the reception: the Crowne Plaza Suites at Central & LBJ in North Dallas. If you're really bored, take a video tour of the hotel. We liked it because the setup is different than the standard ballroom-box you usually see - it's actually an open atrium-type setup. Also, their coordinator was much more willing to work with us to meet our budget than anyone else we talked to. And there was much rejoicing...

I'm stuck here on the desk at work until 5am today due to someone else calling in sick. This kinda sucks (especially since we've got big breaking news going on - a juco hoops team van was in a fatal wreck in East Texas) but I get much-needed OT for all the extra hours...

I've been feeling like ass the last couple of days; I've been having trouble sleeping, and have been feeling achy. Today I went and worked out for the first time in a week, and I already feel better - I just need to stay in the habit.

Fun link for the day (and for me, this is what Emaroo would call a "rediscovery"): rathergood.com. This site is run by Joel Veitch - he of the singing Viking kittens - and came back to mind recently due to Veitch's work on the new Quizno's ad campaign. His ads, featuring a pair of animated mutant rat-type creatures, are very polarizing in terms of audience response, but they definitely command attention. Plus, they have turned an Internet hobby into a good living for the guy, so I have to give him credit.


I need to get out more!

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I had a great birthday...I suffered through my usual harassment from my closest friends and family...I think I scared the crap out of Alan's sister and her boyfriend. I think they are used to a much quieter (and sober) crowd. They had to meet at some point! Alan and I are about to leave to go have lunch with the fam's. This is the first meeting of the 'rents...I hope it is a bit tamer than last night! ;)


27...I am 27 today, my mom told me I was almost thirty...screw her!

Alan and I found a reception site...I love it. It is just the intimate space we wanted! Now, I can take a deep breath and have FUN with the rest of this.

Alan took me to Sambuca in Deep Ellum last night for a very romantic, lovely dinner. He is amazing!


Well, we lost the reception site we thought we wanted. Still don't have one booked. Alan and I have an appointment with a hotel tomorrow. I never wanted a hotel reception...I hate them, but I don't have much money...so I cant be too picky. Why doesn't everyone just run off to Vegas or some tropical island? That is all I have ever wanted...

I am taking tomorrow off work...that makes me a little happy. I can rest...after going to the gyno at 9am, cleaning my apartment for company on saturday, meeting with the Wyndham people AND having my birthday dinner with Alan...then I can rest! Or maybe saturday...after I go to my WW meeting at 7:30, teach Saturday school until noon, finish cleaning my apartment and cook dinner for friends coming over...then I can rest! Maybe Sunday after Alan and my families meet for the first time over lunch, and I work my second job...then maybe! Oh but wait...then I have to go back to work on Monday...and when can I plan this damned reception?

I am really such the blushing bride...I know! Excuse my bitching...but I know that my only 2 female readers either hear this everyday from me OR can at least feel my pain. (Thanks Colleen and Erin!!)

Wow, it's been nearly a week since my last post. And what a week it's been, replete with nasty weather and stress at work. Additionally, Emaroo and I are now knee-deep in planning our upcoming nuptials, which is already proving to be quite stressful; I am excited as hell about getting married, mind you, but there is a LOT to worry about! So, I am incredibly happy that the week is nearly over.

This weekend, we're headed to a swanky meal for Emaroo's birthday at the original Sambuca in Deep Ellum. The place is closing down soon, unfortunately - perhaps a result of all the hoodlums in the area these days - and moving to trendy Uptown, where their new digs will focus on the more upscale set (and replace live traditional acoustic jazz with electrified Oasis crap). I've never been there, and I hear the food is tasty, so off we go to check it out.

Great discovery of the past week: you can actually go grocery shopping for normal stuff at Central Market (in addition to all the exotic, wonderful products they offer there), and the basic stuff really doesn't cost any more than it would at Tom Thumb.

Jay and I went on Saturday to the Sara Radle unplugged show with her band at Good Records. She seems to be really pushing for "it girl" status around the indie scene in these parts, and she's perilously close: she's got the looks and the hooks, but unfortunately her lyrical tendencies leave much to be desired. The whole relationships-suck thing has been done into the ground, dear...why not try something else.

Now that I have a working burner again, I need to put together another mix CD for my friends. It's been a long time - well, since the demise of the CDMOM club - since I have bothered to put one together, and I've got so much new music I want to share.

Travis is in town tomorrow night, and I am most displeased that I will be at work instead of the Granada. I'm not a huge fan of their most recent effort, but they're still a great band, and worth the price of a ticket.

One other piece of news before I go: To all the hordes of people who over the years have whined to me about the registration requirement that my employer maintains for its Web sites - and who often say "well, the Washington Post doesn't do it, and they're a major paper" - read it and weep. I hate it too, I'll admit, but it's the only way to make money on the Web these days without charging for your content.


I am changing my whole philosophy on discipline in my classroom. Forget the "Behavior Log", forget detentions...etc, etc. I think this is what I am going to ask my administrators if I can do with the few little freaks in each class...I'll let you know if it works!


I find great irony in the only good alternative I could find on TV this evening to watching the Super Bowl...a Queer Eye marathon!

Well, as the picture Alan posted shows...I guess I am gettin' me a husband. I am still in shock, even tho we both knew this was coming. I have watched every one of my friends walk down the isle, most have kids now...some even divorce already. I knew that I would be rewarded amply for waiting...and I have, with my Alan! He asked me in a way that is very much "us". He brought over dinner from my favorite restaurant...a good bottle of wine and after the meal he got up to get "desert", but what he brought out on the plate was the BEST desert I have ever had! I stopped breathing for several minutes.

We have already looked at reception sites, talked to the minister, called the church...and are just waiting to see if it will all come together on the SAME DAY in the beginning of October.

Over the next 8 months, I have to keep reminding myself that to stress is only going to make this all harder. SOMEHOW it will all get paid for and put together...if it is meant to happen.

So, I am sure I will have MUCH more boring wedding crap to post...I will TRY and not have a one track mind!

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