We're back in business! After a delay that was entirely too long (due to apathy more than anything else), I revamped the site a bit. We made a collective decision to move the blog off the main page, mainly because I know we'll probably still have long periods where it won't get updated.

Our big news at the moment is the fact I am starting a new gig in just over a week's time. It's within the same company, so I won't be going far - across the street to a new desk and new co-workers, but still the same campus (and I'll be working with some of the same cool people I worked with several years ago). The new job encompasses more responsibility, and will present some exciting challenges.

Emaroo is plugging along with her art education this year, despite larger classes and the problems that result. She also has an upcoming gig shooting a wedding in Austin, which will give her yet another set of amazing photos to add to her portfolio.

More to come...

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