Summer in Texas...how refreshing. For those of you that dont know...Alan and I are staying put in Dallas for now. The internal candidate in Austin was hired. We are both relieved and a little dissapointed. We have a great life here, so there is nothing lost.

I have been teaching summer school. I was slated to teach reading and now and teaching math...you have got to be kidding...me, math. Only 12 more days. I think I can muddle through for 12 more days. All for London and Paris, it is all worth it!

I have a laundry list of things I want to get done around the house this summer and it is growing. I have a mosaic table top to create for this fabulous iron base that Alan found for free on the side of the road...SCORE! It will serve as our outdoor table. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets, paint a newly acquired daybed for our guestroom to replace the much too large full size bed. We are having a garage sale on June 25th to get rid of a bunch of crap and hopefully raise some money to pay for all the fun projects I want to do. We also have this built in desk in the livingroom that to make it more tolerable until we can afford to tear it out to add another closet to the master, I am going to paint as well. Also a lot of touch up painting around the house from normal wear and tear from our first year here. I guess now that I know I am staying I want to make my house as perfect as possible. June 18th will be one year since we closed. We are amazed and how much the value of our house has gone up in the past year. It says a lot about what we will be able to get for it when we sell...but also what we will have to pay for a new house in the area in several years when we want to upgrade. But, I love this neighborhood and don't see wanting to move out of it anytime soon. Everday I love it more and more. I have moments where I really feel like I am living in a small town...then I get on 75 and it is all ruined.

I started working out again...and my knees are starting to flare up again. I am really worried that something is really wrong with them. I am trying to take it easy and slow...but they are really hurting. grr.

All for now...loves ya bunches...

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