- by emaroo

Over the last couple of days out little family has experienced two milestones.  The first is that Jack is now sleeping in his “big boy bed!”  Frankly, I hadn’t even thought about when or how we would transition him from his crib but I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it.  This past weekend we had some family stay with us (that’s another post) and we moved the crib out of Jack’s room into ours so Alan’s cousins could sleep on the twin trundle beds in his room.  Well, when I moved the crib out I noticed how big Jack’s room is and decided that I was just not going to move it back in.

He has taken a few naps over at Juju’s house in a full size bed with no problem so we just did it.  I had a railing in the attic from my cousin that I attached to the edge of the bed.  He did so well!!  He didn’t even whimper.  I have found that with Jack I have to just do most things cold turkey; rip the band aide off so to speak.  With nursing (of course nursing itself was traumatic on both of us, sadly), bottles, pacifiers and now his crib…I just had to say “ok, we’re done with that” and for the most part…Jack has adjusted wonderfully.

The second milestone is really pretty funny.  Alan and I are both pretty sick with just the crud so we were both too tired to cook last night.  We went to dinner at a local favorite (and cheap) Mexican restaurant.  As anyone who has or had a 20 month old knows…going out to eat is often more stressful than staying at home.  Jack has the habit of waiting until we are in restaurants to scream at the top of his lungs for everything he wants, throw food all over the floor and table and just be a general, all around pill.  Well, he was relatively well behaved this time.  He still made a little mess, but since we are working on him using a spoon…the mess was lessened.  He was also very chatty with our server and flirted with almost everyone that walked by.

Anyway…none of that is the milestone. The milestone occured when our server came to us as we were leaving and said “By the way, my name is Mark and next time you come, ask for me and I will be your server.”  WHAT?  A server we didn’t totally scare off?  A server that WANTS my 20 month old as his customer?  YAY!!!  What progress we have made!!

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