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 - by emaroo

Cute kid of the day:

Last winter we were able to get Jack to wear a hat and he had no real issues with it but since he hasn’t really worn one in a while, he protested greatly whenever we would put one lately.  However, lately he has been obsessed with the idea of a hat and will make just about anything into a hat.  “Pooh hat”, “doggie hat”, “juice hat”, “shoe hat”, etc.  He does this by simply putting the thing on his head and proclaiming that it is a hat.  He has started enjoying wearing our hats too.  Because I love hats on kids, I bought Jack the above hat over the summer hoping he could wear it this winter.  Jack would have NONE of it until today.  He actually picked it up, brought it to me and asked for me to put it on him.  He would wear it for a few minutes at a time…so I hope by winter we might actually be able to keep his head warm!

Here he is wearing my Austin, TX hat the other day while checking out his Facebook account! haha!

Potty training:

We have made some progress.  Jack now tells me when he has indeed pooped and I keep telling him to tell me before he poops.  Today he was in the bath and looked at me and said “poo poo”.  I asked him if he needed to go and he said yes so I finished bathing him and swiftly put him on the potty where he had great fun grunting and making faces indicating that he might be pooping, when in fact he was just toying with Mommy.  Oh well…


This morning, being Saturday, my dear husband let me sleep in a little and made breakfast tacos.  I fixed 2 for myself and went to plop down in our comfy leather chair to eat them (formalities go out the window on Saturday mornings).  Jack decided that he wanted to cuddle up next to me in the chair to share and since his eating habits have been lacking a bit lately, I was happy for him to have as much as he wanted.  He ended up eating almost an entire breakfast taco with eggs, potatoes, cheese and even salsa…and don’t forget the tortilla!  At one point he looked up at me, egg etc. all over his face and said “Mamma, love you!”  I looked at Alan, who heard it too and just couldn’t help but cry.  This was the first time he had said that to me unprompted.  What love fills his heart!

Deal of the day:

After breakfast (and before TX/OU…heaven forbid we miss a second of that game! haha) we went for a walk in our neighborhood.  There were several garage sales going on…as usual.  At one we bought a double trailer that goes on the back of a bike, to hold both kiddos one day, for a whopping $10!!!  Those things are more than 10 times that much new.  It was missing one part that we can just go to the local bike shop and have replaced.  At another I found a Old Navy rugby shirt for $0.50…well worth it!

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