Love birds or not?

 - by emaroo

I am sure that many of you have followed the blossoming love saga that is Jack and Olivia. I never get tired of these pics from their first kiss more than two years ago.   It seemed like a love that was meant to be – written in the stars – hatched in the womb (ok, that was a stretch).  Sadly, both of them now answer with an emphatic “NO” when you ask if they are going to marry the other.  Maybe it was too good to be true.  Sigh. 

Regardless, I still enjoy watching them play so sweetly (when they aren’t fighting like an old married couple). 




Oh, sweet Livi – how I so wanted you to be my precious daughter-in-law.  I guess I will just have to settle for the girl best friend that everyone is confused about.  Sigh. 


Jack was handed down a bike by his cousin yesterday and after swimming we tried to get Jack to ride it around a little.  He made a pretty pitiful effort and gave up despite our cheering and coaxing.


Yep – pitiful.  But who is the one person that didn’t give up on him?  Who is the one person that knew he just needed a little push?  Who is the precious future daughter-in-law (I haven’t given up hope!) who always has Jack’s back?  You guessed it – Olivia! 


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