Step by step…

 - by emaroo

Six and a half days before he turns 15 months – on 08-09-10 – Colin decided to take his first, real, unassisted steps!  Bree was over and was walking with him, holding onto his fingers, when all of a sudden she let go and off he went.  Well, he took about 2 steps towards me and then gripped my fingers for dear life.  He repeated his new trick 3 or 4 times before pooping out.  I think I have hung onto the “baby” in Colin long enough and need to realize that I don’t have a baby in the house anymore.  Sniff.

I tried to get him to repeat the steps for Daddy but he would have none of it.  He did stand on his own for Daddy as he has been doing for a couple of days now.  He only does it when he isn’t paying attention, really.  If he is standing next to a table or the easel and is playing with a toy he will hold the toy with both hands forgetting that he isn’t holding on. 


I checked – there are no hands down and he isn’t leaning on the chair!  He is standing!  He did this for a while.


He started to lose his balance and he actually squatted a little and caught his balance.  Still – not holding on. 

Look out people!  He’s about to be on the move!!

ETA: This morning he figured out this whole standing thing and did it several times without something near-by to grab should he fall.  He still looks a tad uncertain but his legs are very solid! 


Way to go big boy!!

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