A girl’s gotta eat!

 - by emaroo

After about 2 1/2 weeks on WW I feel like a changed woman!  I have officially dropped 3.4 pounds already (and since I am a compulsive weigher know that I have lost more than that – but weigh-ins are on Thursdays).  That might now seem like a lot – but I feel it.  I have actual energy all day – I get tired at night and want to go to sleep before 1am – and I just feel healthier!  I think once the clothes start to get too big is when I will really believe this is possible – oh the feeling of wearing a smaller size! 

I got my first “You look skinny!” today – but it was said by a crazy woman who is 9 months pregnant and obviously dillusional – or blind! haha!  Love you, Kerri!  I am FAR from skinny – but I am starting to be able to visualize the skinny girl that is hiding in this flabby body. 

With all that said, I have to tell you what I LOVE most about Weight Watchers!  I LOVE the freedom it gives you!  WW is all about choices and flexibility.  This weekend Alan and I had a little “get away” or a mini “stay-cation” – and when I am on vacation the last thing I want to worry about is food.  In fact, half the fun of a vacation is enjoying great food.  Thursday night we went out for sushi – which I learned is only 2 points for 4 pieces, wine is 3 points and yes – I indulged in a couple of small spring rolls too.  The next morning I blew the rest of the week’s “Flex Points” (extra points to use or not) and tasted a tiny bit of heaven.  Alan and I had the most decadently sinful blueberry and ricotta pancakes at Smoke – the restaurant associated with the Hotel Belmont where we stayed.  Knock me over with a feather – these things were AMAZING!!!  I enjoyed every last point!  But because I planned ahead – I was still sticking to the program!


Leave it to me to blog about fattening foods in a post about losing weight – but it really is relevant!  I am the same way about food as I am shopping – if I deprive myself for too long I will binge.  So, this weekend was my time to indulge a little and now I am back on the wagon. 

Off to dream about those pancakes.

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