Brother MUST be napping…

 - by emaroo

…because there is no way THIS would happen without it turning into a traumatic experience for all inv0lved if he wasn’t.


Jack and I had set his trains up during Colin’s morning nap but then Jack decided he needed an early nap as well (hear me complaining?).  When Colin woke up he quickly realized that there was no big brother around to scream bloody murder the second he glanced at a train.  This was the first time that Colin just wanted to play with the trains and not tear apart, chew on or otherwise destroy the set-up. 


Colin cruised all around the table repeating his high-pitched, “doooo, doooo” (chooo, chooo in one year-old speak).  It was truly adorable.  I wished I had gotten it on video.  Yes, it’s that cute!



“How big is Colin?”  This was Colin’s one-armed response of “So big!”.  We are still working on balance, so a one handed response was good enough for now.

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