Seriously long week…

 - by emaroo

Man, has this been the longest week ever and we still aren’t to Thursday!  Oh well, tomorrow I get to log my first official weigh-in.  I am anticipating greatness, people! 

I went to a yoga class last night with Bree and really enjoyed it.  This morning I am feeling muscles in places I never thought existed.  People who don’t think yoga is a work out are stupid! 

In starting this lifestyle change I have had to come to grips with a few things that are just facts that I can’t beat myself up about anymore.  For starters, I cannot – and I do mean cannot do traditional exercise.  I have a hard time putting that out there because my head then starts assuming everyone will look at me and say “oh, the fat chic is making excises again for not exercising.”  Truthfully, I have physical ailments that prevent me from doing normal, traditional exercises and I need to admit that and move on to what does work for me.  Yoga seems to really be that exercise.  Sure, right at the very end when I was laying flat on my back, my hip went out of it’s socket and I almost yelped loudly during a very peaceful moment.  Luckily, I contained my agony and laid there until I could roll over and manage to get to a standing position.  But – I made it through!  I think Yoga will help me to become stronger overall, which is what I need.  I don’t care if I have a sculpted and toned body – I just don’t want to be in pain all the time. 

My sister suffers from a disease called EDS (can’t spell the full name) which is a disorder of her connective tissue.  It affects all of her joints and is causing her body to deteriorate at a very rapid speed.  She is 36 years old and is already wheel chair bound.  It is sad to watch but has also made me hyper aware of my body and the fact that I likely have many of the symptoms of this disease (it’s genetic) but on a FAR lesser scale.  I have had chronic back pain since I was 12, my knee and ankle joints hurt almost everytime I stand from a laying or seated position.  This has been true whether I was 40 pounds lighter or not.  Granted the pain was less when I had less to carry around (another reason to lose this fat) but it was there. 

I am praying that Yoga will be the answer I have been praying for.

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