First week…

 - by emaroo

Actually, it’s only been  3.5 days back on the “wagon”.  I have been offered cake three times, pizza twice and wine once - and I have none!  Honestly, though – lately my problem hasn’t been the food I eat – it’s the food I don’t eat.  Alan and I work very heard to have mostly fresh, whole grain, organic, preservative-sugar-HFCS-crap free food in our house.  If there were crap in my house, I would eat crap – and  lot of it!  I know I would – and so would my kids.  I am proud of the choices that we are making for our family and I hope and pray that our kids will grow up healthier for it.

However, you can have all the great goods in the house that you want to buy but if you don’t make the time to eat them – they don’t do a lot of good!  I was literally drinking a cup or two of coffee for breakfast (of course while feeding the kids their nutritious breakfasts) and then around 10:30 after Colin was down for his morning nap I’d realize I needed to eat something (still not feeling hungry) so I would grab an organic cereal bar or banana.  Lunch time would come and I would feed the kids the most nutritious meal I could make with the food in the house.  Then potty time-book time-nap time would come.  By now it’s about 2:30 and guess who STILL hasn’t eaten?  ME!  Seriously?  I am not doing this on purpose – I don’t believe in not eating – I LOVE FOOD!  So about 2:30 I might throw something together – usually just a glorified snack because I didn’t want to eat too much so close to dinner – right?  Ugh.  Problem is that when dinner time comes, blood sugar starts to crash and Mama is HUNGRY – and Mama eats!  Mama eats too much, usually.   This cycle does NOT make for a healthy metabolism!

What have I changed so far this week?  I have started making protein smoothies in the morning which fill me up and are easy to sip on as I check email, edit pictures, corral kids, wipe faces etc.  If I put a little extra ice (or frozen berries in it) I can sip on it most of the morning keeping me full and satisfied.  Around 10:30 I have a snack of some kind.  Lately it has been one of these amazing Zucchini-Carrot muffins I made (3 WW points and full of veggies and fiber!).  That keeps me going until lunch time and is fast because it is there and ready to go.  Lunch comes around and I am really not too hungry because I have done a pretty good job of sustaining myself so I have something small – but healthy.  My problem hits when I realize that I have had lunch and dinner time is an eternity away.  I see this as a good problem, though, because what it means is that my body wants food again!  Already 3.5 days into my lifestyle change – I can literally feel my metabolism revving up!! 

For that mid-afternoon rut I love carrots!  I can eat 10 baby carrots for 0 points and they give me tons of crunch!

Then for dinner Alan and I have been trying to cook meals with high protein and fresh veggies etc.  I am still eating my largest meal at the end of the day – it is really just the only way for me right now but I have started making some real changes and I can feel it!

On the evening of Day 2 I told Alan – while literally fighting back tears – that I actually had energy for the first time in MONTHS!  I honestly wondered if I was starting to sink into a depression again but really it was my body being mad at me for not feeding it!

This has been a great week so far!!  Alan and I sat down and actually planned out meals for the week last night with me counting all the points to make sure we were making the best choices. 

For now, I am excited, invigorated and empowered!  Talk to me in a couple weeks, though because  I might very well change my tune. I know that there will be ups and downs but I’m ready!  Attic clothes – get ready!

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