Rock on Jack!

 - by emaroo

Jack’s “Rock Star” 3rd birthday party was originally scheduled for the Saturday after our record snowfall in North Texas and the 40 hour power outage.  Thankfully the weather the next weekend was much more accommodating!  Jack had so much fun with all of his friends and was asking for them all to come back when he woke up the next morning.  If only everyday could be a party, Jack!


Who can have a rock star party without a rock ‘n roll band??  Bruce and his friend Mike donated their time and talents to our little rocker and played for his party!  It was SO much fun!!  I think they will get booked twice a year in the Melson house, for sure!  (yes, they do work for hire!)


TONS of fun was had by all of Jack’s awesome friends that came to play!


How fun was it that Bekeh and Caleb got to join in the fun this year too!  Jack must have thought they were some kind of celebrities because he said several times “Mama – did you know Bekeh and Caleb are HERE??”  And the next morning, “Mama, Bekeh and Caleb came to MY PARTY!!”


When Bruce wasn’t looking all the kiddos took turns beating on his drums too!


Whew, what an awesome time!  Can’t wait to do it all over again in the middle of May!

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