Crazy Snow!

 - by emaroo

A week ago today us North Texans woke up to several inches of snow on the ground – which by itself was already pretty cool and rare for us.  However, over the next 24 hours a total of almost a foot of snow fell here in the DFW area.  A record for sure!

Thursday after preschool we ventured out to play in the white wonderfulness!



Jack was fascinated with the idea of getting to EAT the snow but Colin wasn’t quite as amused when he had a giant snowball smashed into his face!

Below is a picture of what the trees in our front yard looked like about 10:30pm Thursday night.  I am always amazed at how bright the night sky is with all the snow. 


After getting the boys all tucked in that night Alan and I curled up in front of a fire only to have our power go out about 10 minutes later.  Power wasn’t restored for about 40 hours, but thankfully Alan’s parents live very close and we were able to bunk with them. 


Jack’s “Rockstar” party did have to be postponed due to this whole mess but hopefully we will be able to have just as much fun this Saturday as Jack ROCKS OUT with his buddies!!

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