Because everyone LOVES a good statistic!

 - by emaroo

I took the boys to the pediatrician this morning for Colin’s 9 month and Jack’s 3 year well visit and since I am always being asked for stats, I thought I would share a few.

Jack is 40lbs (96%) and 40″ (88%). So – tall and skinny! Those are his Vanderweide and Carter genes at work!
Colin is 20lbs (40%) and 28 1/4″ (47%). Head is 18 3/4″ (95%!) I guess Colin more than just looks like my dad – he is built just like him too!

Both of my kids must have HUGE brains!! But with parents like us – how can they not?

Both boys checked out great, health wise. We TRIED to get a urine sample for Jack to see if there is some physiological reason he has reverted back to wetting the bed every night after being night trained for 7 months but that was a messy disaster and we only got a tiny bit collected. It was enough to do a strip test but not a culture. So, we will see if they can tell anything from it or not.

Both boy’s ears were clear too!

Praise the Lord for healthy growing boys!!!

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