Santa Party!

 - by emaroo

The last two years our friends, the Drapers, have hosted a party at their house and so far both years, Santa has gotten the memo and been nice enough to pay us a visit!  It is MUCH better than waiting in line for hours only have have your kids throw a fit and flip out over sitting on Santa’s lap.  This way, they are just playing with their friends and if they don’t want to see Santa – well, they still don’t have a choice- but just for a second so Mommy can take a picture!!  This year was a little better than last as Jack would actually go near Santa but still didn’t want much to do with sitting on him lap.


Jack with Santa, 2008


“I know you, you’re Jack!”

This year Jack was SOOOOO excited to tell Santa EVERYTHING he wanted for Christmas that the instant he walked in the door Jack said “SANTA – I want you to bring me…..” and rattled off everything he could think of at the moment.  Then Jack wanted to go back upstairs and play.  That’s my boy!  Get down to business and move on!


Jack is still not digging the whole Santa thing.


Finally a side hug!


All the brave big kids!


One more hug for the road!  Safe travels, Santa!!

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