Mission Accomplished!

 - by emaroo

Well, it looks like I was right – Colin was just hungry!  I took him in for a weight check this morning and he had outgained both my and Alan’s predictions.  At 6 months Colin weighed 14lbs 7.8oz and was in the 5th percentile and today at 7 months he weighed 17lbs 3.2oz and is in the 23rd percentile!  He gained 2 1/2 lbs!!  I knew by looking at him that he had beefed up.  There are now the most adorable and edible fat rolls on his thighs and for the first time ever he has a scrumptious double chin! 

I have had to adjust his one size diapers to the ‘medium’ setting too!  I know this sounds crazy, but I was convinced he was going to be in the smalls forever! 

I KNOW percentiles aren’t everything.  I always hear, “look at the baby, not the number” and I totally agree but my gut was also telling me to be concerned.  I *thought* I had a happy, talkative, alert, active baby until I started feeding him more and now I have a SUPER happy, talkative, alert, happy baby!  He just woke up! 

Thank you LORD for helping me to have an understanding heart about all of this and not see myself as a failure but instead be proactive and excited to watch my baby grow, whether it by with my milk or not.  Sure I miss it – I dearly miss the warm morning snuggles skin to skin and having moments with him that no one on earth could have but I had six (almost seven) glorious months. 

Next step is working on the solid foods again.  I am beginning to think Colin is just going to be a soft table food kind of baby and might skip “baby” food all together.  We will see.  He just doesn’t seem interested in being spoon fed.  That certainly will take a few steps out of the baby food prep process!

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